Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Some Shop News

So far this week I have spent too much time pulling my hair dealing with some very nasty computer issues.  A lot of time has been used up trying to fix it. I don't know if I get any comfort in the fact it was not my fault. I had everything in place and I was still attacked.
Anyway finally I can tell you about the new Batik fabrics that have arrived in store. These fabrics are to die for.  The colours are so rich and vibrant.
Above there is Mandarin Orange, then from left to right there is  Purple Amethyst, Lilac Shimmer, Brownstone,  Yellow. Top right down there is Cream, Black Grey, Blue Tropics and Blue Ocean

Above there is Red, then from bottom left Candy Pink, Purple Smash, Silver Grey and Mustard. Top right down there is Burgundy Red, Chocolate Brown, Leaf Green and Burnt Orange.

Above starting from the top left there is Eucalypt Green, Sea Green, Green Medium and Wine.
Now they are all available at Cynthia's Ark at $24.00 per metre.
Also you can join our Batik Fabric Club for $30 plus postage per month and 4 times a year you will receive a bonus product. Each month you will receive 4 x 30 cm wof for a total of 1.2 metres of fabric. I promise you next month's pack will be featuring some of these new arrivals.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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