Thursday, March 5, 2020

Some Ruler work Quilting Fun

We had a ruler work workshop on Sunday, which gave me the chance to do some work on one of my projects.
 This table runner is part of an upcoming workshop. So it's good to get to the quilting.

 The back of my table runner
How cool is that Spinfex flower looks! I am loving this one. So I can guarantee I will be using it again soon. I was using Glide thread Turf which is a shade darker than the fabric. Glide thread Pearl was used in the grey sections.
 Once the quilting was done I was ready for the binding which I had cut at the time of making the project.
 Oops I think I have a problem. Damn how can I be short. Double damn there is no more in the shop. Note to oneself make sure you cut one extra strip, to avoid this happening again.
 A hunt in my scrap stash revealed a 1 1/2" strip of the fabric only, so I found another green and cut a matching piece. Sewing them together length ways gave me the 2 1/2" strip to fill the gap.
Look what happens when you fold the binding back. It's likes magic. You won't know that I was short unless you have read my blog post.

Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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Marjorie said...

I am always scared of not having enough material for a project