Sunday, December 31, 2017

Places We Go- Aurifil's Designer of the Month Fabric Options

I have been busy preparing for Aurifil's Designer of the Month Places We Go. You can join me sewing a block each month. It is a mystery project Featuring Places We Go with a black and white with one colour fabric theme. So it is going to interesting the places the designers are going to take us to and what the blocks are going to look like. Plus the techniques we may be using.

I have put together some black and white bundles with a spool of Aurifil Cotton ready to purchase or you can pop into store and put your own bundle together at a special price. They will not last long at these prices. Visit my website for prices and stock.

Bundle 1- is a Starter Pack. It has 4 x 50cm wof = 2 metres and a spool of Aurifil 50wt cotton(black/white your choice or leave it to us. This pack is great as a top up for what you have already or to get you started.

Bundle 2- is a Reproduction black and White Bundle and has 7 x 50cm wof = 3.5 metres and a spool of Aurifil 50wt cotton(black/white your choice or leave it to us.)  This is perfect for those who love reproduction fabrics. Fabric is from Antiques range with a Riley Blake Designs Shades Linen for the white solid and Clothworks Black for the other solid.

Bundle 3- is a Modern Black and White Bundle and has 7 x 50cm wof = 3.5 metres and a spool of Aurifil 50wt cotton(black/white your choice or leave it to us.)  This is perfect for those who love a more modern look to their quilt. Fabrics are from Byzantine range, Clothworks black and white  for the two solid.

Now for the colour option can I suggest something from Riley Blake Design Shades range. We have a large range in stock for you to choose from.
Some of the options here for you from left to right you have Sundrop, Peach, Sunrise, Tangerine, Vintage Green, Christmas Green, Robin, Wintergreen, Bubblegum pink, Fuschia, Grape, Teal, Cobalt Blue, Twilight, Turtle Green, Alpine, Mountain Green, Santa Red, Fire Engine Red, Wagon Red, Night time Navy.

I have decided I am going to use Bundle 3 and these are the colours I am considering for mine colour option.

Pat Sloan' s introduction post said black and white with one colour. Could I use a selection of colours but only one colour per block? Interesting thought!
 My shop display, as you can see there are more to choose from so you can pop in to the shop and create your own bundle.

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Q4 Finish Along Results

The end of December is here and it is time to round up those finished projects that I set myself to completed by the end of December for th 2017 Finish Along.
I had to look back to my original post to remind myself what I had set myself as I could only remember the dresden plate table runner which I have not completed I did applique the circles on but I have been stuck on the border fabrics.
Project #3 on the list is ready for quilting but I have misplaced it since I used it as a sample project at the July fair. I was sure it would turn up when I did the Tanunda Fair thinking it was stashed in one of the craft fair boxes but I was wrong. Now I am worried what has happened to it.
 Considering all the projects were small projects you would of thought I would have completed more than 1 from the list but no, not me. I have managed to side track myself and only completed 1 project. In 2018 I think I will be selecting 1 or 2 projects in hope that something more may get completed. My success rate on completing projects and crossing them off my list during 2017 has be poor.

With that all said there was one project completed and it was the little sample table runner for our Round We Go Block of the Month in a different colourway. I was finishing the quilting at the start of Quarter 4.
So here it is completed. 

I have linked up with She Can Quilts so pop over and see how everyone else did with their finishes.

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Friday, December 29, 2017

My Best Of 2017

Cheryl over are Meadow Mist Designs is holding her annual Best of 2017 Blog Party. It is that time of the year where we can look back at what has happened during 2017.

My favourite five has been put together from a mix on my personal favourite blog post and the ones most visited over 2017.

1.  My Jingle Bells Row Post is the most visited post of the year which was part of the Christmas Caroling Row Along.
2. My spot of the Virtual Cookie Exchange has to be another one of my highlights. Even with my husband argue the point that it is a virtual cookie exchange and was I really suppose to be baking the cookies. I tell you he stopped arguing the point once he was eating the cookies.
3. The Project Uninterrupted Retreat has to make the Top Five. Myself and my team of helpers took 19 ladies away for the weekend for our first Project Uninterrupted Retreat. It was a huge success and we haven't even got home and plans were being made for the 2018 retreat.

4. Two quilts I finished that are among my favourite quilts.This post is a personal favourite.

5.  My Cotton Carnivale trip from March.This trip I took to Noosa was an adventure and so much fun to attend. It just had to make my Top five of the year.
There you go my Top Five of 2017.  I wonder what will happen in 2018. I am sure it will be adventure with everything thrown in.
I have linked this post up with Cheryl party post so don't be shy pop over and view what others have been up to over 2017.
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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

December's One Monthly Goal Finish

We are coming to the end of December and that means it is time to see how we all went with our Monthly goal to progress a project to the finish line. I had decided to revamp some blocks from another project that was just hanging around. I enjoyed making the blocks but I hadn't taken them any further over the last 18 months, so it was time to take the bull by the horns and do something.

I revamped these blocks into mug rugs/coasters using some of my scrap batting and fabric from my scrap box. 

Here are some of the blocks finished off into mug rugs/ coaster.
I did keep a couple for myself.
I have linked this post with Elm Street Quilts so pop over and what else has been completed this month.
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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

On Ringo Lake Part 5

We are working on clue 5 over the Christmas weekend. We are all busy at this time of the year so squeezing some sewing time can be hard. I did manage to fit a couple of sewing sessions in to work on clue 5.

I did make a mistake cutting when I stop to check my baking. I came back to start cutting the second side of my blocks. I didn't double-check before cutting. Lucky I realized and stopped so I only ruined 5 blocks. The top one is wrong and the bottom one is what I was suppose to cut.

These are my blocks done. So I am ready for clue 6. Believe it or not.
I have linked up with Bonnie's blog to share my progress, so pop over and check out how everyone else is doing.
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Monday, December 25, 2017

2017 Project Uninterrupted Project Round up.

We are coming to the close of 2017 and my Project list is still too long. So where did I get to this year with my list. Not enough by the look of things.

1. My  Inklingo hand piecing octagon quilt. 12 blocks made. This project was revamped to cross it off my list, they become mug rugs for Christmas gifts. This one is gone.

Unfortunately the rest of this list still need to be finished. They will automatically added to the 2018 list with anything else I have started and not finished.

2. My black and white hexagon quilt another Inklingo project. Halfway through. I have not touched this one everything is cut so I should do something with it.

3. Forget Me Not Sew Along EPP hexagon quilt. Up to Step #9 which is about 3/4 through the top. A little bit of progress but not enough as I haven't finished it. I think I better start using this project as my English paper piecing demo to see if I can move it along. This year's Dresden plate demo project is nearly ready for quilting so a replacement project is needed.

4. Allietare Mystery Quilt 2015. It is Bonnie Hunter's annual mystery quilt. This one I have been working on it in the sense of the unsewing I did to realign my blocks that I twisted. They were only twisted in the sense I used a directional fabric and I have to have them going the same way. The top is finally together and the backing made so it is ready for quilting. 

5. Vacation Time 2015 Block of the Month. Halfway through the blocks. No progress here.

6. Bitty Blocks from Quiltmaker blog. I'm just over halfway through the blocks. I am wondering if I can do something else with these blocks.  I have started on some four patch blocks which will become sashing rows in between the block rows of this row by row quilt.

7. Paper piecing Quilt Along. I started this one hoping to improve my paper piecing I made 1 block and cut lots in preparation but couldn't find time to work on it. No progress here.

8. Craftsy 2015 Block of the Month I think I made 2 blocks. Kept meaning to cut the next blocks out but it never happened. This is block 1 no photo of block 2. Oh boy.  The projects from 2015 are haunting me as a write this post. This is #5 that I haven't finished from that year. No progress here, it will need to be reinvented as I give a friend some of the fabric she needed to finish a project. So we will see what I do.

9. My Pemberley Quilt. A block of the month started in 2016. Some progress but not enough so I will have to take a serious look at it.

10. The Shop's Octagon quilt was another block of the month program started in 2016. The blocks are done and I have started on the squares that fill in around the octagons. I need to work on the layout so I can start sewing them together. Some of the blocks.

11. My Tea Party Quilt. The blocks are completed and the sashing strips are cut, so I just need to sew everything together but I haven't touched it.

12. En Provence Mystery Quilt 2016- Mine is a smaller version of the original and I think there is still a few parts to make up before I can sew the top together.

14. My Reel It In Quilt which I started at the beginning of 2017. I have completed half a dozen blocks.

15. My Christmas Reproduction Sampler Quilt. All the blocks are completed but no progress this year on it.

16. Pat Sloan's Solstice Challenge which was suppose to help me use up some on of my batick scrap/stash. I have made 3 of blocks.


With all this down in writing, there was a number of projects that did get completed over the year and have been crossed off this list and a number of projects that never made this list as they have been completed with in the year.

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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas from sunny South Australia. I hope you all enjoy your day, no matter what you have planned for the day. Most importantly stay safe if you are travelling over the break. I am making some exciting plans for 2018, I hope you will join me in 2018 for some sewing adventures.

Until Next Time
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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Four Patch Madness

You may have seen I have been making some Four Patch blocks for my Bitty Blocks quilt. I am using them for sashing rows in between the block rows. Now it will only be a small quilt/ wall hanging. While I working on them I was creating another design using Four Patch blocks as I have a lot of scraps to use up. So in theory I am going to continue making Four Patch blocks.

So I have pulled out another batch of scraps from the scrap bin, ready to press and then cutting. I am selecting the smaller pieces to cut up.
My production line of Four Patch blocks, squares then pairs followed by the completed block. 

I will be using these as leaders and enders wile working on other projects so this project will not be finished soon.  The Bitty block quilt will be finished first though if I have my way.
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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Apron Making Session

I have had these aprons panels in the shop for a while and no one has been interested in them. I keep saying to myself I need to sew one up and maybe once people see one made up they may be more interested in making one themselves. It is a reversible apron pattern and it has the instructions on the panel which is handy. They come in two colourways - black background with flowers and the yellow background with flowers. As you can see I am using the black background version.

I wanted to see how hard it was and how long it took to make it. Now this puts me out of my comfort zone which isn't hard as I am quiltmaker and to me this is closer to clothes making than quilt making. My thought was it could be a project for my Summer School sessions. By the time I finished it, it took me just over four hours to make. Too long for a Summer Session project but it would work for a normal 4 hour workshop that I run on the weekends. In the end the pocket was the hardest part of the apron, I would of like a little more instructions on the pocket but that may have just been me and an experienced clothing maker may have breezed through that part. Overall it wasn't hard and if anyone wants to do this as a workshop let me know.

My completed apron- panel size.
The reverse side of my apron.

I have put some kits together in both colourways, the reverse fabric is different from mine. They are available in store but there is limited stock so if you want one you need to come in or ring me to purchase.

Just to proof it works. Me in the apron.
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Monday, December 18, 2017

On Ringo Lake Part 4

I tell you I was happy to see a easier block this week. I haven't finished Clue 3 yet but I did get stuck into Clue 4. A change of colour and a different block was what I needed to push on.
I always do a test block to check my measurements before cutting and chain piecing. I have been known to mess it.  A slight adjustment in my seam allowance  and I was off and running.
So it didn't take long to whip this batch together.

Starting this year's mystery had me thinking about my Allietare quilt (the 2015 mystery quilt) which I had put aside after I made a big mistake that requires me to unstitch three of the rows and fix my mistakes. I used a directional print for the centre squares and I want to have them all going in the same direction. Of course I stuffed it up. So over a couple of evenings I unstitch them and sewed them back together correctly and before I knew it, the top was done. Now to quilt it.
Back to this year's mystery pop over to Quiltville and check out everyone's progress.

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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Places We Go- Aurifil's Designer of the Month 2018

Pat Sloan and Aurifil have released the details for 2018 Designer of the Month and the theme. I have participated in this sew along before but in 2018 I will be sew along and my shop Cynthia's Ark will be putting some fabric bundles and Aurifil thread deals together. The Theme is Places We Go and the fabrics are black and whites with one colour. I find this an exciting project and i can't wait to see what colour everyone will use with their black and whites. You will be able to come into the shop and select a black and white bundle and then select your colour to add to the bundle to complete your bundle for project.

You will be able to order the bundle online with a colour already added to the bundle. There will be a number of colour options for you to choose from.

Here is the Link to meet the design team  and more details for 2018. I will be share the post when it is released each month and sharing my blocks as I make them.

To top this off we will have some Friday evening sewing sessions especially to work on this project, starting in one of my Summer School sessions once the first block is released. So let me know if you are interested.

Until Next Time
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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Cynthia's Ark Classes and Workshops for 2018

I have been busy behind the scenes working on the class/workshops for 2018. I am hoping there will be something for most people from the beginners to the experienced.  You will find all the details on our 2018 Workshop/Class page here and at the top of the blog so you don't need to find this post. With that said, this post will have the projects pictured to give you a better idea what each workshop is. A picture can say things easier than words sometimes.

 Sat 10th February- Curved Ruler Table runner
 Saturday 10th March - Circles Table Runner
 Fractured Paint Box Quilt -Date hasn't been set yet. It will be a Sunday workshop.
 Desert Sky Quilt- Date hasn't been set yet. It will be a Sunday workshop.

 Saturday 31st March- Bargello Table Runner.
Double Wedding Ring Quilt Workshop Date not set yet but will must likely a Sunday workshop.

Also new will be our Summer School on Friday evenings. Each session will be a small different project featuring different techniques. The first session on the 29th December will be focused on English paper piecing and a set of mug rugs. This is the perfect class to try English paper piecing if you haven't tried it yet. It is addictive.

 As you can see the workshop list isn't quite finished but I felt I needed to get out what was set so you can book for those workshops.
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