Wednesday, August 31, 2016

350 Block Project 2016 - August Report

After July being a non event for sewing. I wanted to make sure August didn't go the same way.
This month's total is 30.

I know I have to finish my row  for The Road Home Row Along so there was my starting point. Three blocks done. Sorry I can't share a picture of the row finished but you can visit my blog on the 6th September and you will see it.

I started a Christmas project and so far I have 12 HST units.

One more star point was add to my Forget Me Not Quilt. Then there is only one more star point to go and I can finally move on to the next step.

Three more Christmas Sampler blocks.

 Lastly 4 hourglass blocks for a new project.  I know what am I doing starting another new project. I should finish some of the ones I have started. I promise I will soon.

So this month's total is 23. 
Better than last month but not as much as I would like, such a small total means I still didn't spend much time at the sewing machine as only the Forget Me Not Quilt list is the only hand piecing project worked on.
Until Next Time 
Keep Stitching 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Has it been that quiet?

I looked at my last blog post and realised it was a week ago. What happened? Nothing to write about! Could that be true?
I am sure there would have been something to write about if only I had the time to write. The last week has whizzed by at a great rush of knots leaving me tired and lots of work to do. My time has been filled with the Australian Machine Quilting Festival from Thursday to Sunday which was great but lots of work and 2 hours of driving each day.

There was a lot of work to be done, people to meet and catch up with, new stuff to learn and see. I wish I could do some of the classes but with a booth in the Vendor mall it just wasn't possible. Though I was able to attend a Westalee Ruler foot workshop on Monday after the event, which was very beneficial to me. I stock their products and any extra tips I can learn is alway good, so I can help my customers down the track. I will share some of my work with the rulers as I use them with you all.
Along with all this happening a new shipment of Japanese fabrics arrived.

 I know there is two more shipments on their way this week. Plus a new shipment of Glide quilting threads.  I think I will be busy for a little while longer with more orders to arrive after I place the orders.
To top everything off I have been putting the finally touches on my row for the The Road Home Row Along. which start next week on the 6 th September and I will be on the first day. Scary stuff for me. I hope I can pull it off.

So in all It hasn't been quiet. It has been just too busy to blog over the last week. It is nearly time for this month 350 Block report too. I hope I have done better this month after July was a wash out.
Until next time
Keep Stitching

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Road Home Row Along

The Road Home Row Along will start on the 6th September. There is 40 talented people across the world that have created a quilt row of their special place where they feel at home.  Hosted by Seams to be Sew and Sew Incredibly Crazy. You will be able to collect the row patterns and create you own special place quilt. Plus there will be lots of prize give aways for you to enter to win one of many great prizes during the Row Along.
I can tell you I have created a row for this Row Along and can't wait to share it with you all. Luckily you won't have to wait long to see mine as I will be releasing mine on the 6th September, Yes the first day a little scary but exciting all roll into one. I will be sharing the schedule that day so you know who else and where to go to see the other rows and collect the patterns.
I look forward to see you back here on the 6th September for the start of this exciting event.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Mayhem Here.

What a week it has been here. It has been a crazy week. Since I put the question up about the retreat last Friday it has formed a life of it own. I can't believe how quick quilters have jumped in wanting to book their spots. I must admit I was a little worried about the fact it is 12 months away and maybe it was too far away but the venue want a deposit by the end of the month.  I had to put the package together rather quickly and get it out. A week later it is full.
So no sewing here but it didn't help that I got my finger caught at work and squash it a little. That has not help the situation. I just can't hold things together for hand piecing and during the week that is what I tend to do as there is not enough time to do machine work. I may not have made any sewing progress this week but I have been cut fabric even if it is a little slower than normal with a finger sticking up doing nothing. I have cut and packed this month's All Over the Octagon Fussy Cutting Club, the last of this month's Pemberley packs, fabric for a new Christmas design I have been working on and some fabric for the Australian Machine Quilting Festival that starts in Adelaide next Thursday.
This is one of the Octagon packs for this month.

It is all very busy and exciting and it doesn't look like slowing down when I look at the calendar for the next month with what is on. Hopefully I will see some of you at the Australian Machine Quilting Festival if not I will be should to share some picture from the event.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Announcing our Project Uninterrupted Retreat 2017

I have been busy working behind the scenes on a major project for the second half of next year. Yes next year. Scary stuff I know. I have been looking at holding a retreat and after the positive feedback  last Friday and over the weekend I have finalise the plans. Now I know there was enough interest.
 The Project Uninterrupted Retreat will be held at Nunyara Conference Centre  which is in Belair, South Australia  between the 6th-9th October 2017.  More retreat details attached with the sign up form.
The Project Uninterrupted group met once a month in store and online in our Cynthia's Ark Project Uninterrupted Facebook group.Our motto is to finish projects so we can start new ones. That is exactly what we will be doing over our 3 days together. Spots are limited so if you are interested let me know and if you already has expressed interest and your name is on my list. You will have priority so fill out the signup form and return it to me with your deposit ASAP to secure your spot.
All the Retreat details are here with the  signup form.
 I look forward to having you join us for a full weekend of sewing, fun, chatting, eating and drinking.
Any questions let me know. 
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

Friday, August 12, 2016

Scrap Dance Quilt is completed

After no sewing during July I promised myself August will be different. I finally have a finish to share. There is still lots more to do but they will have to wait, maybe there will be some sewing time this weekend. I have to finish my piece for the Road Home Row Along which is nearly done. One block completed and two applique blocks that are ready to sew and them one last block once I have the three blocks joined together.
In the meantime here is my Scrap Dance quilt finished, with a scrappy top, scrappy batting and backing.

This project was to make a dent in my scraps and it did make a difference for 10 minutes but the box is now full again. Scrappy projects here I come.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

Thursday, August 11, 2016

What size to make a Wall Hanging?

As a good friend pointed out the other day, Christmas is just around the corner. So does that mean we should be preparing our Christmas projects! For a change I have a Christmas project in mind something that has been bouncing around in my head for a couple of years. Yes it must be something worth doing if it is still there. Now I haven't designed a Christmas project before so this will be interesting.

So I am designing away, finally having nailed the design that has been bouncing around in my head, so I move on to block sizes. I am calculating the sizes when  I have an Oh No moment when I added everything together and my wall hanging is more like a quilt in size rather than a wall hanging. My thought was to use bigger blocks so it could be a quick project. Now that gets me thinking what is a good size for a wall hanging? The size I had in mind seems too large for a wall hanging now.  Is 20" a good size? Is 40" too big?
 I ask the question on my Facebook page and got some help, including 40" is good, depending on the wall space on you have to fill and even  smaller at 15" was suggested. So it seems to be a personal choice and no clear way to go.
What size do you consider a good size for a wall hanging? I would love to know your opinion on this topic.

Here are some of the fabrics I have selected from my batik stash for the Christmas project. Yes I am back to working with batik fabrics.  Not all these fabrics will end up in the project but I wanted a good variety of fabrics to choice from. Just wondering if there is any other colours I need to add to it. What do you think? Have I missed something? I feel I am missing something.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

UFO 2016 List Update.

Here is my list from the beginning of the year. I need to check my progress as I feel I have gone off track and started too many new projects.

1. My Dahlia quilt. This one I have started but there was no progress on it in 2015.
No progress except me looking at it sitting on the table. Does that count as progress?
2. Grand Illusion Mystery quilt. The has been completed and I am up to the quilting stage.
This one is completed.
3. My Aurifil block of the month from 2014. This quilt has become 3 small quilts as I am not happy how they look all together and are ready for quilting.
These 3 are completed.
4. Scrap Dance Mystery quilt. All the parts are made but I need to sew them into blocks.
This one has just been completed.
5. My latest Inklingo hand piecing octagon quilt. Maybe 6 blocks made.
A couple more blocks completed. Lots still to do.
6. My black and white hexagon quilt another Inklingo project. Halfway through.
No Progress here except I did cut the next lot of hexagons out.
7. Forget Me Not Sew Along EPP hexagon quilt. Up to Step #9 which is about 3/4 through the top.
Definitely some progress but top not yet finished.
8. Allietare Mystery Quilt only started this one 5 weeks ago. It is Bonnie Hunter's annual mystery quilt. 
Blocks are done and a couple of rows have been sewn.
9. Quiltmaker's 2015 New Year's Mystery Quilt. Blocks are made.
This one is ready for quilting
10. Vacation Time 2015 Block of the Month. Halfway through the blocks.
No progress.
11. Circle Chic quilt. I have decided I am going to baste the quilt with the circles in place and quilt them in place.
No progress
12. Bitty Blocks from Quiltmaker blog. I'm just over halfway through the blocks.

No progress

13. Paper piecing Quilt Along. I started this one hoping to improve my paper piecing I made 1 block and cut lots in preparation but couldn't find time to work on it.
No progress
14. Craftsy 2015 Block of the Month I think I made 2 blocks. Kept meaning to cut the next blocks out but it never happened. This is block 1 no photo of block 2. Oh boy.
No progress
15. My Victorian Fling Quilt which I had forgotten all about until I was looking for something else, which I didn't find. 
No progress

Oh boy! Only 3 completed and there is still 12 more to go on this list. I think I have gone way off track this year. I better go and do some sewing. This is not how I thought my year of projects was going to pan out. I know there has been a number of completed projects but they are obviously new projects, not older ones. At least 3 have been ticked off this list. Time for some sewing.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

Sunday, August 7, 2016

August's Project Uninterrupted Session

Saturday was the first Saturday of the month which means it was Project Uninterrupted in store and we had a full house again this month. I may have to add another session during the month for the ones who can't get in on this session.
 I was busy with orders and cutting fabric so I was only able to join in just before lunch but as this is our Sit and Sew group everyone was well into their own projects. This month hand sewing was the thing mostly happening with a variety of projects been made including our Pemberley BOM, Patchwork of the Crosses, Pies and Tarts, some cute pincushions being made. So a mix of English Paper Piecing, applique and me working on my binding. Plus Mandy on her machine working on her Catch Me if you Dare Stash Bash Sewing Party quilt. I must find some time to work on next year's Stash Bash Sewing Party projects.

Also we have a few stitching along with us that can't make it the shop as part of our Project Uninterrupted Facebook group but they are with us in spirit working on their projects.
 I was thinking I may have to work out a way  to involve them more. Something to sleep on. Any suggestion would be great.
Until Next Time
 Keep Stitching

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Getting Closer to a Finish.

On my Project Uninterrupted list and my 2016 Finish Along list is my Scrap Dance Quilt. I pinned and started quilting it last weekend but ran out of weekend to finish it.

So it was at the top of my list to finish this weekend, with only 30 minutes of quilting left to do on it.
Just some simple diagonal quilting using the quilt top pattern for guidance was all I did for this one.
You can just make out the quilting lines if you look closely. 

For the binding I pulled out my binding bag full of leftovers from other projects. I selected the shortest piece under 50 cm in length and joined them together. I did notice there seem to be a lot of green in the mix so I did try to space the greens out.

 It has made a noticeable dent in the left over binding but my scrap bins are still full. I will have to start a couple scrap projects to use some up. I don't measure my binding so I was taking a chance that I may not have made enough but I could alway add another strip if I was short as there was more strips to use. As it turned out I made the right amount. No leftovers to go back in the bag. I don't think I will be doing that again soon. Normally I have too much hence the leftover binding collection.

Now to finish it off in front of the tv one night this week. I did start it in our Project Uninterrupted session but I was busy so only one side was completed but at least that means I am a quarter of my way through it.

In the meantime it is time for me to finish my row for The Road Home Row Along which starts in September I have written the pattern and started on my blocks but I need to finish sewing them and get them together. I hope you will join us in September for this event. There will be rows created by lots of talented people around the world. It will be a great event and would love you to join in.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Wandering Camera #8

What has been happening in July. Its seems not a lot has been happening that is newsworthy. So I have just selected some pictures from the photos I have taken this month.
Pinned a couple of quilts for quilting and I had a go at some speed quilting to see if I quilt the above quilt before dinner was ready. I lost this race but I did get over halfway through the quilting. 
I finally found the fabric for a new project. Now to cut and start.
Some hexagon fabrics for my Pemberley quilt. There was eight in total.
The view from my front window on a quiet Sunday afternoon..

The first block of my Pemberley quilt.

Pop over to Whims & Fancies  Wandering Camera post to see what others have been snapping pictures of this month.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Cynthia's Ark Mystery Metre Club

I thought I would introduce our latest fabric club to everyone. The Mystery Metre Club.
Do you like larger pieces in your stash? Or is our Stash Building Fabric Club out of your price range? Our Mystery Metre Club is the Club for you.
Each month you will receive 1 metre of fabric from our stock for only $25 including postage within Australia (overseas orders will incur a small postage fee). The fabric will vary and will include border prints, tone on tone, novelty prints, brights, reproductions spots, solids and more.

Plus being a member of this club allows you to participate in the Mystery Fabric Treasure Hunt each month where you can sleuth out the clues and identify that month's fabric to win a $5 discount off that month fabric. So make sure you have bookmarked our Cynthia's Ark website and like our Facebook page because the clues will be releases on our Facebook page and you will find the fabric on our website. So be the first one to identify it and you will receive the discount. (Note: So everyone has a chance of winning, the winner is not eligible to win the following month's hunt.)

This club will ship out in the fourth week of each month so I will release the clues during the third week for the treasure hunt on our Facebook page. You need to join up to participate in the treasure hunt which you can do on our website. Answers provided by non members can not win the discount. This is an ongoing club with no set time period so you are able to join at any time and if you wish to cancel your membership just put it in writing and email to me and your membership will be cancel from the next month.

Get ready for some fun.
Until Next Time 
Keep Stitching

Monday, August 1, 2016

350 Block Project- July's Report

This month's total is 30 blocks.

Oh boy!!! Not a good sewing month.

I have finished my first block of my Pemberley Quilt.

Plus my three Christmas Sampler blocks for July.
One more section on my Forget Me Not Sew Along. 

Lastly 2 Octagon blocks- only 1 picture due to me not being totally happy with the first one and  I am seriously considering redoing it. If I thought I could count it as 2 for the month I might of redone it already.

So this month's grand total is 7. Not very good and I don't know if August will be any better, looking at what is on the calendar. We will see what happens.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching