Monday, January 30, 2017

Simply Sign Me

Last year I sign up to do the Simply Sign Me Block swap. I thought this would be a fun project swapping signed block from all over the world. In the end there was 29 participating co ordinated by Marian at Seams to be Sew.
I selected  fabrics and a block out of 3 choices and made a test block. It was the right size but the space for writing wasn't right so a change of fabrics was needed and the centre block had to become the plain block for writing in.
I don't think this picture gives away too much about my block, do you?
Now I am happy with the fabrics. It is time to whip these blocks together and sign all of them, in time to post them so they can be divided up between everyone. I can't wait to receive my blocks and see what everyone made with what fabric they picked.
Sorry I can't share my block yet but once they have gone out and I have received my blocks I will share my block with everyone else. Then I have the pleasure of making something with the blocks. I may need to make 1 extra block and bring it to thirty blocks or here's an idea which just popped into my head a plain block which can be the title block on the front of the quilt.
 Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

Saturday, January 28, 2017

My Victorian Fling Quilt

I am getting close to finishing this quilt. Only the binding left to do, a few loose threads to sew in and I will have my first finish of the year. This was the project I set as part of Elm Street Quilts One Month Goal challenge.

After a marathon quilting session and a couple shorter sessions I can say the quilting is completed.

The back shows the quilting better.
The binding colour was a challenge as all the fabric from this range has sold out except for a small piece of the border fabric. In the end I used a black which had a little red and blue design on it. It is the same fabric I used for my binding on my Grand Illusion quilt. I even remembered to sew a hanging sleeve on, considering it is a shop sample.

Here it is with the binding on.

Now this is a free pattern from Penny Rose Fabrics called 30's Fling. It is easy to make and will be hanging in the shop very soon if you want a close look at it.
I have linked this post with Elm Street Quilts who are running the One Month Goal project so pop over and have a look at the finishes and you may want to join us in next month.
Until Next Time
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Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Morning Out while the Car was Serviced

It is always busy here. Half the time I wonder what job to do first. There is a number of jobs lined up on the counter to be completed.

The big job today was to take my car in for her service. Now that is a 40 minute drive to Tanunda for that and half a day away from those jobs needing to be done.
 We come in to Tanunda through archway when we visit. It is a grand entrance and generally if you are coming from Adelaide to Tanunda most of the time you would enter this way.
This archway is at the other end of the main street. I can tell you these two pictures came from the internet as I could not take these shots while driving or standing on the road to take the second shot as it was way busier then this picture.

Now Tanunda is a beautiful town in the Barossa Valley. I have been do a great Christmas fair in November there for over 10 years now but  haven't had much time to look around the town as the fair takes the whole day up. So this was the perfect opportunity to look around.

No quilt shops in town but a great book shop, cafes, furniture, food and more on offer including a couple antique/second hand shops to potter around in. This is what I found in one of the antique shops.

 A well used Husqvarna hand cranked sewing machine, the cover was a little beaten up, but not as bad as the Singer 99K cover that I bought late last year.( The Singer machine was in excellent shape compared to her cover.)
 It was the only machine they have, admittedly I don't have a Husqvarna in my collection and I was tempted but not without more information so she didn't come home with me on this trip. That is not to say they if she is still there next time I visit, she may come home if my research proves she is worth it.. We saw a number of items that were over priced for what they were and their condition. I think if the sewing machine had been under the $100 she would of come home with me.

Who know I am taking the attitude if it is still there next time I visit it was meant for me.

Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Under the Pressure Foot #27

What has been happening here. I can tell you nothing at the sewing machine sadly. I have notice my day job efforts my sewing time greatly along with my blogging, designing time etc. Now that is disappointing as I am spending way too much time down stuff I don't love. Something to work on this year.
So what have I been working on in my limited time of sewing. Nothing major but there has been a little more progress on my Forget Me Not quilt, which you can find the pattern on Sue Daley's blog for free currently. I am now halfway through this step, so the end is getting closer for the English Paper piecing project.

The other project I have been working on is a class sample for a friends workshop. It is on turning a mainstream plain bag into a personalised quilters bag for your quilting tools. There is 3 of us working on a sample and three very different bags will be made for different skill levels.  Mine is at the easiest level of difficult. My two panels are nearly completed. Sewing the panels on is going to be interesting.

This panel is partially sewn on to the bag.
This one is going on the other side of the bag. Hopefully I can finish this off this week.

Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

Sunday, January 15, 2017

En Provence Post #7

I had a little sewing time to work on my En Provence quilt. The last two clues still needed to be made. So I made some of each because I wanted to sew one block together. What I have so far. There is some trimming still to do.

Look my first block made up. Now to work out how many blocks I can make from what I have made.

My sashing strips will look like this. I ran out of time to sew one together.

Now I have to decide how many blocks I want to make. I have  enough to make four blocks so far. I am thinking 9 or 12 blocks.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

Friday, January 13, 2017

Under the Pressure Foot # 26

I had to go back to my day job on the 3rd of January, so after two weeks of  being back I have realised that I have hardly done any sewing, if any. When was the last time I sat at my machine. I know I cut the binding strips for my Victorian Fling quilt, but they are still hanging over the back of my chair. Plus I noticed because I haven't had any sewing time I have not shared a lot here.

Now if my sewing station is looking like this, it means I was not sewing any quilting projects last time I was here. A set of block out curtains were made for a friend and my LSH(long suffering husband- that is what he claims) work pants were repaired. Not what I wanted to be sewing.
You can see my quarter inch foot is not on my machine and the fact my extension table is in its place confirms my suspicion that I haven't sewn anything interesting lately. 

 I have cut some fabric for a test block which I need to make 30 of as part of a  signature block swap I am participating in. They need to be finished by the end of January for me to get them in the post so they arrive on time at their destination.
I wonder what the block will be. This doesn't tell you much. I am wondering should  I make them all from the same fabrics or do I make some a different colourway. Hopefully you will find out by the end of the weekend what block I have chosen.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

Sunday, January 8, 2017

2017 Finish Along Q1 list

It is time to my our first list of 2017 for the 2017 Finish Along.
My  Victorian Fling quilt tops this list as it is the closest to finishing. Only the binding to do.
What else to put on this. I think my Hourglass Quilt makes this list. The top is completed. So pinning, quilting and binding to do.

My Sew It Together quilt which I will drop off for quilting and then I can just worry about the binding.

My star wall hanging. It needs the star to be pieced and then applique to it background fabric. It is English paper pieced. So there is some work to go on this one.
Sorry no pictures at this stage.

Lastly my Forget Me Not quilt. Another English Paper piecing project larger than the Star project but I am three quarters through the top. I would love to see this one at the quilting stage by the end of this quarter.  Let's see how I go.
I am linking this post with She can quilt so you can check out what everyone else is working on.

Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Stash Building Fabric Club Update

 Have you been thinking about joining a fabric club? Let me tell you about the Cynthia's Ark Stash Building Fabric Club. Each month you received 1.5 metres of themed fabrics generally 5 x 30 cm width of the fabric for a total of 1.5 metre. Plus four times a year (January, April, July and October) you receive a bonus product with your fabrics. It could be a pattern, threads, notions, extra fabric, new product etc. You get the idea.
The cost is $38 plus postage (In Australia it is $6). I am happy to ship overseas but remember the postage will be different. To sign up visit  you will find it under there block of the month/ fabric club tab or visit the shop or at a craft fair.
                                      October's Jefferson City fabrics.

This is what fabric ranges our Stash Building club members received plus the four bonus products and a Christmas present over 2016. Plus you now know what is this month range plus of course this month is a bonus month. You have to join to find out the bonus product I will not spoil the surprise for our current members revealing here.

January Era of Jane
February Collectors Gallery
March  Unforgetable
April Harrington
May Harrington part 2
June Kaffe Collective
July  Beaujolais
August  In Stitches
September Boro & Katagami
October Jefferson City
November Red is the New Neut/ Vintage Onyx
December Woodland Wonder


                                    August's In Stitches Fabrics
You can join this club at any time and if you need to retire from the club you only need to email me or ring me with one month notice. If you have any other questions let me know. Most situations can be arranged around. I have a member who was moving interstate and needed to take a break from the club for a couple of month. That can be arranged with notice.

I have fabric orders and bonus products arrange which I hope you all will enjoy. Plus there will be a couple extra surprises for club members to take advantage of. I hope that current members continue to enjoy their fabric parcels and I hope our new members will soon joining in on the pleasure of building their Stashes.

                                      Tula Pink's Chipper Fabric range going out this month. You still have time to join us and receive January fabrics. I would love you to join us.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 Project Uninterrupted To Do List

After reviewing 2016 I am at a loss that I didn't get more of these projects completed and the fact I have a load more to add to this list for 2017.

Let's Start with the ones left over from 2016.

1. My Dahlia quilt. This one I have started but there was no progress on it in 2016.

2. My latest Inklingo hand piecing octagon quilt.  blocks made.

3. My black and white hexagon quilt another Inklingo project. Halfway through.

4. Forget Me Not Sew Along EPP hexagon quilt. Up to Step #9 which is about 3/4 through the top.
5. Allietare Mystery Quilt 2015. It is Bonnie Hunter's annual mystery quilt. 
6. Vacation Time 2015 Block of the Month. Halfway through the blocks.
7. Bitty Blocks from Quiltmaker blog. I'm just over halfway through the blocks. I am wondering if I can do something else with these blocks. 

8. Paper piecing Quilt Along. I started this one hoping to improve my paper piecing I made 1 block and cut lots in preparation but couldn't find time to work on it.
9. Craftsy 2015 Block of the Month I think I made 2 blocks. Kept meaning to cut the next blocks out but it never happened. This is block 1 no photo of block 2. Oh boy.

10. My Victorian Fling Quilt is halfway through quilting this one. I think this will be my first finish for 2017.
11. My Sew It Together Lucky - Handmade Quilt. It is ready for quilting.

12. My Pemberley Quilt This is a Block of the Month so we will see where we get with this one.

13. The Shop Octagon quilt This one is a 12 month fabric club so we are still collecting the months papers and fabric. Still plenty more to come.

14. My Tea Party Quilt. The blocks are complete and the sashing strips are cut, so the top is ready to be sewn together.

15. This year Bonnie Hunter's En Provence mystery quilt. All the Clues have been released so now we can start assembling our blocks. Mine will be smaller so once I make up  some of the hourglass blocks I will lay out what I have.

16. My Reel it in quilt. I have only just started this one. 

17. My Hourglass Quilt is ready for quilting.
18. I have started Pat Sloan's Solstice Challenge which we have only started. I want to use up some on my batik stash/ scraps.

19. My Christmas Reproduction Sampler Quilt. All the blocks are completed.
20. My Scrap Dance Tango project.

21. My Star Wall hanging which is supposed to be a tutorial as everyone liked my original.

Oh boy there is a lot of work here. I will have to start with the 3 closest to finishing I know I can get them done. The rest have a lot of work to complete. I think the key will be not to start anything new, but I am hopeless when a project takes my fancy. Plus I do have 2-3 projects  I have designed, but have not started yet. This year I will be busier than ever.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching
PS Did you see my post on my Half Square Triangle Challenge for  this year The Half Square Triangle Report. You can join me, we are counting all the Half Square Triangle blocks we make this year. More details here.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

350 Block Report 2016 - December's Report

We have reach the last month of this 350 Blocks Project. It is time to count December's blocks and tally up this year total. Last year I managed 678 blocks for the year.  I was at 454 blocks at the end of November. I don't think I will make enough to pass last year's total so I am aiming for 500.
This month's total is 30 blocks.

15 More neutral four patch blocks have been completed.

1 octagon only for my All over the Octagon Fussy Cutting Club

Blocks I have made as part of the Sew it Together sew along have been join with sashing rows to complete this top for a total of 9.

12 more  purple four patch blocks this month.

My Hourglass blocks are now in rows and the rows are all sewn together for 10 plus 2 borders.

My first block in the Solstice Challenge.

1 spool block for a new project 

5 Hexagon flowers for a class sample for a friend who will be running a workshop on decorating our sewing bags.

So for December my total is 52 blocks and my final total for the year is 506 blocks.