Friday, May 31, 2019

Road Trip to Mt Gambier

We headed off to Mt Gambier for the Craft Alive Craft Fair. We left a day early so we could do a little sight seeing along the way.
Topping our list was the Naracoorte Caves. We got there before lunch and we explored the Stick Tomato Cave which is a self guided tour.

A break for lunch which was delicious we went on a guided tour of the Alexandra Cave. The best part was we were the only ones on the tour,so we could ask all the questions we wanted. It's not the first time we have had this pleasure. It is a much better experience with only 3 in the cave instead a larger group of people.

Then we were back on the road for the last hour of our trip.
More to come from this cold part of our state.
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One Monthly Goal- May's Report

I set myself an easy goal for May as I have been struggling recently. Click here to visit that post.

I only had to finish the binding on my Fire Island Hosta and with a few days left in the month I got it done. Such a light coloured quilt and black cats are not a good combination
Here it is hanging on my stand at the Craft Alive Fair in Mount Gambier.

Sorry there is a few things in the way. At least it is done.
I have linked this post up with Elm Street Quilts post, so pop over and have a look.
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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

One Monthly Goal -May's Goal

I was missing for part of March and all of April. Just struggling with life, so I took a step back but I need to get back in to it. So this month goal is to finish the binding on my Fire Island Hosta quilt. I thought this would have been done already, but it hasn't. Part of the reason every time I pull it out to work on it a black cat (we won't mention names Cisco and Poncho) want to claim it for themselves. As you can see black cat and this quilt are not compatible.

A close up of the beautiful quilting done by my friend Valerie Slater from the House of Valerie.

This is most likely the whitest quilt I have ever made. I say white but it is not a true white with hints of colour through it. You can just see it in the close up
I have linked my post up with Elm Street Quilts as part of the One Monthly Goal, so pop over and check out what we are all working on this month.
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350 Block Report 2019-April's Report

This month's total is 22 blocks. Yearly total stands at 87. I am at 137 blocks for the year so I am a ahead at the moment but from the middle of May to end of July may see me lose the lead on the total. I can't see a lot of sewing time there besides maybe some hand piecing.

So what have I been up to this month.

1 star block to finish my  Improv table runner but I have pieced more fabrics together for a quilt but I will not include that until I make the blocks. Trying to use up some of the scraps in the scrap box which is full and are now overflowing in to plastic bag.

I sewed the last 4 rows of blocks together then sewed all 9 rows together for a total of 13.

Our Vintage Rose workshop and homework saw me complete the following 4 spikey bits and 2 mountain sections. Sorry no picture.

3 Diamond blocks on a new project. Here is one of them.

8 diamonds for the Be a Diamond Blog hop with two borders for 10 and this Lone Star Table topper was created.

My total for April is 33.
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