Saturday, July 30, 2016

Under the Pressure Foot #22

It has been a lean month of sewing. With lots of other stuff happening nearly no sewing has been done. So I was determent to get some in before the end of the month. IT may not count in my 350 Block Project totals but it will get me closer to finishing a couple of my Project Uninterrupted quilts.
These are the two quilts in my sight, my Scrap Dance quilt and my Quiltmaker  Auld Lang Stitches Mystery quilt. Both were mystery quilt alongs last year.

They are ready for pinning and quilting but first I needed to piece a couple of backings and batting for them. My left overs boxes are too full especially the fabric one. I need to use some of it up.

I managed to get both prepared and pinned but the afternoon was nearly over. Dinner was in the oven and I had about an hour left. So what did I do. I had a go at some speed quilting. Let's see how far I can get before the time was up. I had decided how I was going to quilt my Scrap Dance quilt so off I went with the timer ticking down.
What happened?
I didn't make it even with simple diagonally stitching following the lines on the quilt so I didn't have to mark the top and it isn't a large quilt. I did get three quarters through it. So it won't take long to finish it. Then I can use some of my left over binding to create the binding. It will be a true scrappy project when I finish it.
Until Next Time
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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Pemberley Block of the Month #3

There hasn't been much sewing happening here lately. My  350 blocks project report is a big fat zero at the moment. The only sewing done is tiny little bit on my Pemberley block one but the little bits are starting to add up.
A leaf a night than the flowers so by Saturday afternoon I had the centre block finished.

So I can  now start on month #2 which have 4 applique blocks to complete so this will be interesting. I don't think I will catch up before Month 3 is released but we will see what happens.
There is some other projects that need my attention.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Product Review -Karen Kay Buckley Scissors

Back in April I purchased my first pair of Karen Kay Buckley scissors at a fair. I have been hearing lots of great things about them so I thought I should try them. My friends have the small green scissors in their collection and I have occasionally borrowed a pair to snip a thread on the odd occasion. But I was interested in the medium scissors as they have the larger grips that are the same size for the thumb and finger as I have plenty small scissors for thread trimming. I found they were more comfortable to use especially since I want to be able to cut fabric with them.  I am working on some applique projects. They cut through multiple layers was ease and my hand was not hurting after an evening of cutting. To say I was impressed is put it mildly.

 So they are now in stock in the small thread cutter size(green handles) and the medium size(blue handles).  If you are interested in the other sizes I can order them in for you. I feel there will be a good chance the other sizes will become stock lines but I had to start somewhere. So I started with what I think would be the most popular sizes. They are available online at Cynthia's Ark or in store. If you are popping in to the shop you are welcome to try mine first.
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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Pemberley Block of the Month # 2

Now I am still working through the first month's block. I wish I had more time but there has been so much other stuff that I needed to do. I have finally got all my stems stitched on the central oval. Then I added the hexagon flowers on next, because there are finished ready to be added.

The next step is to get the applique shapes cut out of the freezer paper then cut the fabric out.
I managed to stitch the urn down leaving the top edge open for a couple of leaves that I need to insert. I moved on to the outer leaves. Needle turn applique is outside my comfort zone so this project is a chance for me to improve my skills.  I will update everyone again soon, hopefully with a little more progress.

Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Some Shop News

So far this week I have spent too much time pulling my hair dealing with some very nasty computer issues.  A lot of time has been used up trying to fix it. I don't know if I get any comfort in the fact it was not my fault. I had everything in place and I was still attacked.
Anyway finally I can tell you about the new Batik fabrics that have arrived in store. These fabrics are to die for.  The colours are so rich and vibrant.
Above there is Mandarin Orange, then from left to right there is  Purple Amethyst, Lilac Shimmer, Brownstone,  Yellow. Top right down there is Cream, Black Grey, Blue Tropics and Blue Ocean

Above there is Red, then from bottom left Candy Pink, Purple Smash, Silver Grey and Mustard. Top right down there is Burgundy Red, Chocolate Brown, Leaf Green and Burnt Orange.

Above starting from the top left there is Eucalypt Green, Sea Green, Green Medium and Wine.
Now they are all available at Cynthia's Ark at $24.00 per metre.
Also you can join our Batik Fabric Club for $30 plus postage per month and 4 times a year you will receive a bonus product. Each month you will receive 4 x 30 cm wof for a total of 1.2 metres of fabric. I promise you next month's pack will be featuring some of these new arrivals.
Until Next Time
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Saturday, July 9, 2016

2016 Q3 Finish Along To Complete List

It is time to make our third quarter finishing list. Now I only finished 2 projects on my list last time. I keep the list short last time but I am thinking maybe I should have a slightly longer list with a few more projects to choose from.
My list this time.
My Quiltmaker 2015  Auld Lang Stitches mystery quilt is ready for pinning and quilting.

My Scrap Dance Mystery quilt ready for pinning and quilting.

My Forget Me Not Sew Along project. This is a EPP project so I don't know how far I will get.

All the blocks are done. I must of forgotten to snap a picture once I finished the block. These are from my Allietare quilt.

My Victorian Hope Chest blocks need to be sewed together.

Lastly this one which is half way through being quilted when my machine broke down. Hopefully I can finish it.

That will do I think for this quarter. Six projects for me to complete this quarter.

Here is the link if you want to see what others are setting themselves to complete.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

Friday, July 8, 2016

Wandering Camera Post #7

What has been happening this month? Sometimes I think you could make a reality television program around us with the dramas that seem to happen. So I thought I would start with sharing the cement truck bogged in our yard. The picture doesn't quite give you the angle needed to see how close it was to the rain water tanks as it slowly sank deep. They had to emptied the cement into wheelbarrows to get it down to the new shed at the back of our yard.

I was away on a quilting retreat a couple weekends ago with 22 ladies sewing up a storm. Here are some of the pictures taken but of course the drama continue when I couldn't start the car outside the post office. What happened was I went to do the weekly shopping and on returning home it was raining so I stopped at the post office which is almost across the road from home. Imagine my dismay when I couldn't start my car, when my shopping in the car and so much to do before I was leaving. Let alone the thought what happened if it is big problem and I have no car to get me to the retreat (1 1/2 hour drive from home). It was all good, the mechanic got me back on the road and I got there. My friends did have a backup plan if needed.

The teapot challenge
A view of Adelaide from the balcony.

Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Pemberley Block of the Month #1

As promised I will be sharing my progress on this Block of the month. The plan was to start before everyone else had their first month. I wanted a head start but it didn't happen. So I have only just started with the 1st month and month #2 is about to go out.
The hexagon flowers are small but making the bias strips are even harder. The second hexagon flower is now completed.
In the end I cut the  bias strips another 1/8" wider then the pattern and used lots of  Flatter (Starch) to allow me to work with them easier. They were still fiddly but I got them done. Then I prepared my background fabric and I finally got to start the sewing part with the first lot of stems.

The last of my strips done not perfect but done.
Where I am up to. Finally got to the Stitching part.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

More Giraffes!

I made up Funky Friends Factory Raff the Giraffe at the beginning of June using Tula Pink Eden range which has been a hit. I made him for a customer. So of course I then had to make a shop sample as I shared him on my social media accounts. This led to my goddaughter asking could I make her one, which I couldn't refuse. She pick out pink with white spots and a cute little stripe to go with it.
Plus I had a request for a grey and yellow one like my current shop sample.

So I spent an afternoon finishing off all three giraffes. The purple one was nearly finished but the other two were only cut out ready for sewing.

Followed by an evening of stuffing and chasing a cat who decided he was a lion who wanted to hunt flat giraffes. Denim wasn't quite impressed when I stood they around him, so much so he attacked the yellow and grey one. I wish I got a picture but it was over before I go the camera ready.

Diggles the Dragon is next for me to try and make a shop sample up.

Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

Saturday, July 2, 2016

July's Project Uninterrupted Day

It is the first Saturday of the month so that means it is Project Uninterrupted day in the shop and we had a full house today. Project Uninterrupted is our working to finish a project. Any project, it is a chance to have 4 hours to work Uninterrupted if you want. Today's projects included the Farmers Wife Sampler, English paper piecing of pin cushion and a hexagon quilt, a couple of Stash Bash Sewing Party projects, Pemberley and some Sasaki work. So you can see we had a wide selection of projects. I love seeing what everyone is working on. The only problem is I was busy so I am lacking photos to share. I did snap a couple last minute photos to share.
This is Mandy version of one of the Stash Bash Sewing Party projects. It is looking good, borders to be added next time.

My Forget Me Not hexagon quilt. Only a little progress for me.
Next time I have a full house I might have to volunteer someone to take some pictures for me.
We have a Facebook group Cynthia's Ark Project Uninterrupted if you want to us online and share any sewing project you are working on.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching 

Friday, July 1, 2016

350 Block Project - June's Report

This month's total is 30 blocks.
I started with finishing some quilting and binding before swapping back to my 1/4" foot and back to block making and I must say I am feeling good to get 3 projects cleared away.
So where do I start.
More Scrap Crazy blocks this time controlled placement of fabrics is going to give a totally different look though the block layout is the same. It is all in the fabric. 16 blocks.

Three test blocks for the Christmas Sampler I needed to test the blocks for size. I didn't want to waste the Sampler fabric in case my measurements were out.

Once the the test blocks were correct I made my 4 blocks for this month.

Only 3 pictures, why have I missed 1 block. I don't know.

One test block for my next Stash Bash Sewing Party which is going to be scrappy. Well my scrappy.
 Secret at this stage.

Four octagon blocks for the All Over the Octagon Fussy Cutting Fabric Club.

My Scrap Dance quilt finally has the rows sewn together for 4 more to my total.

Along with my blocks from Quiltmaker 2015 New Year mystery quilt along are now a quilt top for 12 more.

So in the end the total is 44 for this month.
Until Next Time 
Keep Stitching