Monday, May 21, 2018

Wish Upon A Star Blog Hop- My Turn

Today is my day on the Wish Upon a Star Blog Hop. A big thank you to Carol from Just Let Me Quilt for hosting us again. She does so much work behind the scenes to get her blog hop to run smoothly. Here is the full schedule for you to visit. Make sure you visit everyone and enjoy their Star projects.

                                                                  May 21
If you are a regular visitor to my blog you already know how much I love stars. You just have to visit my Small, Smaller and Smallest blog hop post to see the Ohio Star block was featured.

 Which is ironic considering that project was completed well before this blog hop was announced, but I couldn't turn down the chance to make more star blocks. When considering a project for this blog hop I had to take into account that I was going to be a long way from home when the blog hop was on and had to keep the project small so I could have it ready before I left on holidays. So I decided to supersize a star block and make a table runner from the block. This is what I ended up with.

Autumn Stars Table Runner

To make this block you will need
4 x 4" background squares
4 x 4" star fabric squares
4 x 4 7/8" background squares
4 x 4 7/8" star fabric squares
Draw a diagonal line on the back of the 4 7/8" background squares and pair right sides together with the matching 4 7/8" star fabric. Sew a 1/4" either side of the drawn line. Cut along the line and press to the darker colour. Trim your Half square triangles to 4" squares.

 Lay out your squares as per block picture and sew the squares into rows, pressing rows 1 and 3 to the left and rows 2 and 4 to the right. Sew your rows together to complete your block. Press well.  Make as many blocks as you like for your table runner or make more blocks for a quilt. I made 3 blocks.
Pin and quilt your project how you like. I used some of the Westalee Rulers to quilt mine. Then bind your project using your preferred method.

I hope you have enjoyed my star project. Make sure you check out everyone else's posts.

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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Our Anniversary Trip - London Part 2

We spent the morning in Westminster Abbey. Unfortunately you are not allowed to take photos once inside. Even though we were there early it was quite full. We had an audio tour to listen to as we made our way through the Abbey.
 The dates on the stones were mind blowing. Though we should not be surprised.
Afterwards we headed off to the Tower Bridge so we could walk the bridge and cross it off our list of famous bridges we have walked. They had a list of bridges worth visiting and discover we walk the Henderson Wave in Singapore without realizing it importance.

 At the top of the beidgb they have the glass floor, which doesn't bother me to walk over but my husband doesn't like these floors and will not walk on them.

A couple of shots of the boilers that were used to lift the bridge.
I took this shot the day before we we were at the Tower of London of the bridge opening. It was a lucky shot catching it opening.
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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Our Anniversary Trip - London Part 1

We have reached London via the Eurostar. The view from our room. Our hotel faces Kensington Gardens unfortunately our room didn't have that view.
 The first afternoon we walked up to Notting Hill where they filmed the movie and they have the Portabello Markets. We found a clothing shop that had a number of displays of vintage sewing machines.
 The next day we wandered over to the Victoria and Albert museum where we spent 2/3 of the day exploring the museum. Even the floors were interesting.

After we finished we popped in the Natural History Museum which is across the road. It was a totally different atmosphere with lots of younger people in there. We did enjoy the building.

Plus we did go through the earthquake display and we went through their earthquake simulator of the  Kyobe earthquake. These museum where just on the other side of Kensington Gardens. It was still quite a walk, we did over 10 km.
Plus we are having some great weather which helps.
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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Our Anniversary Trip -Paris Part 4

Today we went back to the Eiffel Tower. We had visited on Tuesday but didn't get in the long queue to get in. As it was on of the few attractions open the queues where around the block long and my husband patience was short by then.
We got on the Metro train and arrived early so our wait wasn't too long even though there was two lots of security checks we had to go through.

 The view was fantastic from the top.

 It was very interesting how the city is layed out. Nothing like Adelaide with it's square layout. Paris looks more like wedges.

Effiel's bust at one of the bases of the tower.

It was just a shame the grounds around the tower were being upgraded, lots of ugly fencing, bare garden beds and roadworks. It just wasn't as fantastic approaching the tower as it was when we were at the top.

On the way out back to the Metro station we came across Princess Diana's memorial.
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Friday, May 4, 2018

Our Anniversary Trip- Paris Part 3

Can you believe it? Me finding a Chocolate museum down the road from where we are staying.
 It went through the history of chocolate and how it became what it is today. Very interesting stuff and along the way there was taste tests for us to try how the chocolate tasted throughout history too.

You don't get chocolate boxes like this anymore.

 We watched a video on how this flower was made.
 Chocolate Art Sculptures
 How fantastic are these.
Now these shoes I would have loved to bring a couple of pairs home for a couple of my cousins who love shoes. Sorry girls they wouldn't let me.

Finally we sat in a session with a professional chocolate maker. Ian (LSH) wasn't that impressed but I set him straight, it's good to know that I am doing it right when I make chocolates. Something I should do for some fun when I get home. To finish the tour we got a hot chocolate to finish,  there was six flavours to choose from.
I can tell you they were delicious. I only wished we could have had two to try. Never mine.
I did do a little sewing in the evening and finished one block of a new project.

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Our Anniversary Trip - Paris Part 2

After visiting the Louvre on day one and finding it close we went back today early and ended up spending the day there. I hope we saw everything. The galleries seen to go on and on and when we thought we reached the end we would turn the corner and find another gallery.
 A view from our spot in the line. We were there early so it wasn't too long. We were surprised it was reasonable to get in.

Some tile samples from the Islamic Art exhibit which I found very interesting.

 A larger tile display. Once again it took a couple of shots to get no one in my picture. It was easier than the Mona Lisa shot as it was earlier in the day.
 One of the many painting galleries.
 My favourite painting.

The ceiling in one of the galleries.

 The Court yard from inside the Louvre.
 A staircase and a new gallery to view.
 Seeing the Mona Lisa was a highlight but to take the shot with out a head took a bit of elbow work. There are some people out there that need a slap as they take forever taking a selfie.
 One of the long gallery halls. There was a number of them.
Look at the wear on these stairs. How many people how walked these stairs? I tell you it was hard to find our way out when we were finished.
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PS I have been doing a little stitching in the evenings.