Thursday, June 30, 2016

2016 Finish Along #2 Grand Illusion Report

The second Finish Along has just finished and it is time to report in. There was 5 projects on my list and I know you want to know if I finished them all. The answer to that is no I didn't finish them all. I may of been a little ambitious to think I could finish all five. I can tell you  2 projects were finished that were on my list. Here is Grand Illusions quilt my first finish of the two.

Have a look at some of the other completed projects by others plus my other finish for this quarter.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A Project Uninterrupted Finish- Cat Quilts

In our last Project Uninterrupted section in the shop I finished quilting the last 2 cat quilts and adding the binding ready for me to finish them off in front of the television in the evenings. With lots of other stuff happens it has taken me a little while to complete them but they are now done and my cat have 3 new quilts to snuggle in. Just don't tell them there is only 3 quilts as there is four cats.
These were my 12 blocks from the 2014 Aurifil block of the month. At least they now have a home and they are completed.
 The other projects I hoped to finish by the end of June will not get there but at least I can say they are closer to being finished. This is a finish for the 2016 Finish Along #2. The second finish of this quarter.
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Monday, June 27, 2016

Retreat Round Up

Our Quilting Retreat is officially over for another year. Sad feeling all around I think. Time to go home and back to the real world. There is always a few things you can count on when we heading up to Nunyara Conference Centre for our annual retreat. Firstly all the ladies attending this retreat.  They are a great bunch of ladies. Lots of work went into setting everything up. There is always plenty of laughs and stories shared. There is some of us that only catch up on this weekend so it makes it a special time.  Plus we never go hungry with breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. There is plenty on offer.
This year I was the shop for the retreat, which was very exciting. Even though Friday didn't go to plan, when I couldn't get the car started out the front of the post office and had to call for assistance. I was worried that if it was serious I wouldn't have made to the retreat but I was back on the road an hour later. In the end I was running a little late but I was happy to be loaded up and heading on my way. Luckily two of my closest friends had a backup plan in place just in case I was car less. Thank you to them for being prepared.

I took six projects with me, three from my Project Uninterrupted list and three newer projects. Now my Project Uninterrupted project were in various stages of completion but the aim was to get them to the quilting stage for next weekend. Here is the link to the previous post on them. In the end my Scrap Dance Mystery quilt has made it to the quilting stage along with my Quiltmaker New Year Mystery quilt. So I will prepare them for quilting during the week.

The third one is my Forget Me Not quilt I have made some progress but not as much as I hoped. Then again it is English Paper piecing.

The three newer projects included my Victorian Chest quilt, let's just say I touch it but I didn't sewing anything on it. I did finished off a replacement Raff the giraffe for the shop and I did stitch a  tiny bit of my Pemberley BOM.

Progress may not have been as much as I hoped but I did run a full day workshop on Saturday on my newest pattern the Tea Party Table Topper so there wasn't much sewing for me but I did enjoy running a workshop and the progress the ladies made was great. We even had a completed Tea Party Table Topper by Sunday, thanks to Barbara and Liz is turning hers into a cushion so it won't take her long to finish hers.

So until next time we head off together for another adventure we returned to our normal lives for the time been.
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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Retreat workshop Update

Saturday was workshop day at our retreat. I was running my Tea Party Table Topper workshop.
We were working in a few different colours Ardently Austen by Amanda Herring and Harrington by Leonie Bateman. All very beautiful. Fabric is all available on my online store along with the pattern for this or the kit. 
Early progress was made. Four plates started.

At dinner the progress is a lot further along.
It was a great day and we continued well into the evening.
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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Retreat Project Update

Friday is the day to load up our cars and head off to our annual retreat at Nunyara. After careful consideration I have selected to following projects to take with me.
These 3 are on my Project Uninterrupted list
1. 2015 Quiltmaker New Year Mystery quilt.
All the blocks are made ready to be sewn together.

2.Scrap Dance Mystery quilt.
This one just needs the rows sewn together.

3. Forget Me Not Sew Along quilt.
A English Paper piecing project about 2/3 completed.

4. Victorian Hope Chest Quilt.
Which is a newer project. All the blocks are completed and I have cut the 1st and 2nd borders.
I don't believe I have no pictures of this one. I will take some when I unpack it at retreat.

Plus I have thrown in a couple other projects just in case including the new Pemberley BOM.

I will share more later. Hopefully I get some of these to the quilting stage.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Quilters Odyssey Retreat Update.

This Friday I am taking the shop and myself on the A Quilters Odyssey annual Retreat at Nunyara. It will be a cold weekend perfect for sewing. Previous I have just been a participant at this event, so it is an honour to be asked to bring the shop with me. Plus I am teaching my Tea Party Table Topper in a workshop.
The key for this week is to top all the boxes up, pack the pre orders as I asked if anyone want anything in particular as I can't take everything. Put some prizes together. Packing my workshop kits and tools.
I think by the time I pack the car on Friday morning it will be full. I hope I can get my machine in. I have decided not to take my trolley bag that way my machine can sit on the floor behind my seat or it may have to be in the front with me and the Cynthia's Ark Animal crew who are riding shotgun this year. Have you met them? There is Larry the Lion, Raff the giraffe and his brother Raffe, Dee Dee the dolphin, Oliver the Owl, Pete & Piper the Penguins, Platte the Platypus and I hear Diggles the Dragon is going to fly in at some stage. Some of the gang from last year's road trip to Kapunda.
I am sure  the team at A Quilters Odyssey will host another great retreat. Only three more sleeps before the fun starts. I will share pictures over the weekend and do a round up early next week.
Until Next Time
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Thursday, June 16, 2016

All Over the Octagon Fussy Cutting Fabric Club #1

I thought I would share some of the Octagons made from the first month of our All Over the Octagon Fabric Club.
These were made by Kate, Maureen, Julie and myself. As you can see some fabrics got used more than others and they are all different in the end. It is amazing give the same fabrics to different people and you end up with a wide variety of results I look forward to seeing what comes out of Month #2 fabrics.
Until next time
Keep Stitching 

Salisbury Craft and Hobby Fair Round Up

At the weekend I attended the Salisbury Craft and Hobby Fair which I have done for over 10 years. Things sure have changed in that time. Some good, some bad. That is life you take the ups with the downs.
 I have a real soft spot for this event it was the first big fair I tried. So even with attendance down over the last couple of years I still have gone to sell my wares. One of the things I love about this one is my spot. I am along a wall with a railing high enough that I can hang quilts along. This year I had the beautiful Pemberley Quilt (on loan to me) hanging there. She was eye catching to put it simply. There centre stage you couldn't miss her.

A few English paper piecing demonstrations using some of month #1 fabrics from our All Over the Octagon Fabric Club.
Thomas was popular with the kids that all the panels sold out leaving 3 kits only. They are part of the Quick Quilts series.

There was plenty on offer but fabric was the most popular.

Of course this little giraffe Raff was a big hit. So I have kitted it up with the pattern so you can make one yourself in this colourway.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

Monday, June 13, 2016

Pattern testing Raffe the giraffe

I am pattern testing Funky Friends Factory Raffe the Giraffe pattern as I had a special order for a finished one. Now I don't normally make them for the customer but this was a special case. Below is my shop sample that was made for me.
Fabric cutting under Raffe' s supervision.
He is starting to take shape. He isn't too hard to make as long as you follow the instructions. I found it helpful to have the pattern pieces on hand.
Finally got all the pieces together, no leftovers. So I must of got it right even though I did see the back legs on the wrong sides. When I matched the fabric up to the legs they didn't match up. This straight told me I had sewn them on the wrong way. Really it was an easy fix. The hardest part was sewing the hoofs in.
Nearly finished here.

And here he is completed. He was a little easier to make then Larry the lion but both are achievable for an experienced sewer.
He has now left me for his new home but I have kitted him up in this fabric with a pattern if you are tempted to make one like mine. Available at Cynthia's Ark.
Until Next Time 
Keep Stitching 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A New Machine for my Collection

I have added a new treadle sewing machine to my collection. This doubles my collection to two. She looks in good shape considering I agreed to take it without looking at it. I could of ended up with a pile of crap. Only a few issues with her like before I can give her a full test she needs a new belt. At least she is free of rust and still turns by hand.
Plus the cabinet is in good shape barring some scratches and a little wear and tear.
I hadn't seen this  brand before so some research will be in order. I haven't found much yet but there may be a connection to the company that also manufactured the Pinnock sewing machines which I came across earlier this year when we were in Sydney. So I will be looking into this further. I do have the manual and a few bits and pieces. So we will see what I come up with. I would really like to make a quilt all on a treadle machine one day.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

Saturday, June 4, 2016

June's Project Uninterrupted Day

Being the first Saturday of the month means it is Project Uninterrupted Day in store. We had a small group today but that didn't stop us sewing up a storm. Brenda and I were quilting quilts and Julie was working on her Stash Bash blocks. There was plenty of talk of new projects especially the new Pemberley Block of the month which Julie and I am going to be stitching and some show and tell.

Now you don't have to live nearby and come to the shop to join us on Project Uninterrupted days. You can join the Cynthia's Ark Project Uninterrupted Facebook group  and stitch at home when it suits you and share your projects with everyone in the group at anytime. Our aim is to finish projects (especially those UFO's) so we can start new ones. You can ask questions if you are stuck on something, answer a question and help someone else, share an opinion when asked, get new ideas and who knows what else may happen as the group grows.
Here are some pictures of today projects.

Brenda's Dresden Plate quilt. It is large, the dresden plate are at least double the size of mine on my Tea Party Table Topper.
Brenda's large pin cushion.It is larger than it looks. She will be able to stick lots of pins into it.
Julie's is part of our All Over the Octagon Fussy Cutting Club and this is her first octagon from her first month fabrics and shapes. She shared it with us while working on her Stash Bash Sewing Party Quilt.
 My trio of cat quilts. This is #2 finished quilted and I did sew on the scrappy binding ready for the final step.
This is #3 quilted and scrappy blue binding just had to be used on it. This one may have to be for our blue cats with so much blue in it.
Until Next time
Keep Stitching

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Wandering Camera # 5

May was busy but not busy. I know it doesn't make much sense but let me try to explain. I know I was doing stuff with a craft fair at the beginning of the month then two group visits to the Salisbury Stitchers and a group that came to me but when I look at what I have done sewing wise it wasn't much at all. I wanted to finish a few projects before starting a couple of new ones but it just hasn't happened. So I thought I would share some of the action pictures of the projects I have been working on this month.
You can't see the quilting in the first picture but the one below show you what I am trying. I'm half way through this one. This is 2 of 3 cat quilts. I think little Miss Ponchee fancy this one.

Once again Miss Ponchee doing her quilt testing job of checking the warmth factors in this one. She just loves to test all the projects as I make them. So all finished projects are Miss Ponchee Certified.
This piece is a workshop sample for my friend Kate who is going to run a workshop on a set of rulers. We had a day of testing the rulers. Lots of fun.
 I tried to take Miss Ponchee picture but it was not easy with her in my arms and trying to hold my tablet up and take a steady picture. She is one of the princesses of the house.

Lastly my Grand Illusion Quilt is finished. It was a Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt from 2014.
Until Next Time 
Keep Stitching

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

350 Block Project 2016 - May's Report

This month's total is 30 blocks.

I started by finishing the 4 blocks from April's  clue for the Scrap Dance Tango mystery quilt.
Plus all 8 of May's blocks  are done.

Also I hand pieced 1 more of these octagon blocks. I need to cut some more out when I find the bag with the fabric in.

Also one octagon from the All Over the Octagon Club.

3 more Christmas Sampler blocks done.

I promise you I did finish this block I just forgot to take the photo.
Plus another 2 pieces of my hexagon quilt.

We had a testing day to make up some workshop samples using a new Crazy patch template set. 16 blocks later plus some sashing I ended up with this piece. It is completed so my good friend can use it for the workshop. 20 for this one. It help heaps to my monthly total.

This month I made  39 blocks. Thank goodness for the last project or I would not of made it.
Until Next month
Keep Stitching