Friday, January 31, 2020

One Monthly Goal -January's Completed

For January I set myself the goal to turn these blocks into a quilt top. Here is my original post if you want to check it out. I wasn't sure if I was going to make it, as halfway through the month we were off on holidays. That meant no machine sewing after the 15th January. So I had to completed by the 15th January. My blocks at the start of the month.
Sashing were cut ready to go. Yes cut, not cut and pieced. That is the fabric, It is a Riley Blake Designs fabric, perfect for instant sashing and borders.
With sashing and borders to go on I finished the quilt top in the nick of time. An interesting little quilt in the end and now on to quilting on binding. This one is a long term UFO so I am very happy to see it at this stage.

I have linked my post with Elm Street Quilt post, so pop over and check everyone else did this month. You may be inspired to join us in February.
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Lucky Dip February

February is basically here and I want to have some fun during February. With Februaury being the last month of Summer here, I thought I would get Frosty to give me a hand with a Lucky Dip. He will be in charge of the tickets. So be nice to him when you see him sitting on the counter.

Here's how it will work. Spend a minimum of $20 in one transaction and Frosty Walkers, my trusty assistant will let you pick out one of his lucky tickets. There is instant prizes and discount vouchers to use on the spot. There is a few exceptions, discount vouchers can not be used on discounted, sale items, clubs or workshop/class fees. Every time you spend $20 or more you can pick a ticket. So you can visit as often as you like during February. Discount Vouchers are for 10%, 15% and 25% off  your purchase excluding the above mentioned products and the  Lucky Dip instant prizes start at $7 in value and could be fabric, notions or threads.
Now if you place an order online or over the phone I will pick a ticket for you.  Everyone is included as long as you spend $20.

So I hope I will see or hear from you during February, so we can have a little fun and I can treat you.
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Thursday, January 30, 2020

It's time to get back to work.

As I write this blog post they have forecasted 45 degrees for us today. Not a good day to go back to work. We just had 2 weeks off and some fantastic weather while travelling and at Tamworth, New South Wales where we were there for the Tamworth Country Music Festival. Besides getting caught in a dust storm last Thursday week we had a  good mix of weather including some rain, lots of sunshine, a few cloudy days all very nice to be out and about. So we didn't have to endure 40+ degree days until we got home. We got to see lots of musical acts, the sights around town, even venture out to Nundle and had a tour of their Wool Mill, the last mill to process wool from  the start (raw wool) to finish products, balls of wool to finished goods. I even visited a number of quilt shops in our travels, imagine that. Then we had a leisurely trip home.
Tamworth from the look out.

Peel Street 

Now I did take my hand sewing with me but not much got done as you can see.

So now it's back to work and there is lots of exciting stuff happening this year. There is Paradise in Bloom starting on the 16th February and I still have a couple of spot left if you are looking for something to challenge yourself with this year. You can find more details here.
There is a few new Block of the Months starting, more details to follow shortly. Lots of new workshops for you to try something new, different or expand your skills.
Do you have too many unfinished project? We have our Project Uninterrupted sessions(Sit and Sew sessions) three times a month for that uninterrupted sewing time.
 Do you need expert help on a new project or are you stuck part way through a project? We have increased our Patchwork 101 (Use to be our Basics class with a teacher in charge to help you as needed) sessions this year  to 3 times a month on Fridays and twice a month on Saturdays. This one suits all skill levels.  Current program can be found here.

Plus I am cooking up something special for February with Frosty. Stay tuned for more details on what we are up to in the next day or two.
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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Winter Blues Blog Hop

Welcome to the Winter Blues Blog Hop. I am here on a special mission.  I am here to warm you up. How you ask? It may be cold wet, windy and maybe some snow hanging around your places. But here where I am in South Australia it is the middle of Summer. There is plenty of sunshine, blue skies and heat here for me to brighten your day. Today's temperature is 39 degree (102 fahrenheit) where I am.

Here is the schedule for the blog hop so pop over and check out everyone's posts. A big thank you to Carla from Creatin' in the Sticks for hosting us.

Monday, January 20th

Tuesday, January 21st

Wednesday, January 22nd

Thursday, January 23rd This is our day.

Cynthia's Creating Ark you are here.

Friday, January 24th
Now blue is my favourite colour and what a great way to finish 2019 and start 2020 with a blue project. I had one in mind and those who follow my blog will recognize little glimpses as I worked on it.
It is a Quiltworx pattern called Prismatic Star. A pattern I have had my eyes on for a while.

Look at all those lovely blues
A little test on my blue floor. Yes it is blue. Just to double check the background.

Now a quarter joined together. I had to lay it out on a different floor so you can see it better. I stock this pattern and run regular Quiltworx workshop in my store.
Here is my blue star at quilt top stage. I look forward to seeing this one finished.
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Friday, January 10, 2020

2020 Temperature Quilt

I have to admit I am still working on 2019 Temperature quilt. I will get there, but I am hooked and recording temperatures have become part of my morning routine and  I am recording the temperatures out of habit, so I will need a new design for this year. I plan to use the same scale as I did last year, but with a new lay out and different technique. The quilts will look totally different but will have the same colour palette with the addition.
Here is my legend
9- 15 degrees Purple
16-20 degrees  Blue
21-25 degrees Green
26-30 degrees Yellow
31-35 degrees Orange
36-40 degrees Pink
40- 45 degrees Red
46+ degrees Black

This year I want something I can do by hand, I find it hard to find machine time and when I do there are more important projects under my needle. My hand sewing work load is a lot smaller. You may realise where I am heading with this, that means English paper piecing is back on the table. I didn't do a lot in 2019, beside a few pin cushions and Abbie blocks which I will be continuing on this year.

Finding a shape that will work for me has been an interesting excersize. I was thinking I would work in weeks as monthly with 29, 30 and 31 days isn't going to work but 7 or 14 wasn't working either. I can do 4,5, 6, 8 10, 12 or 16 in a block. So let me show you the break down and may be one of you might have a suggestion that may help me solve my problem.

Let's start with 4, 5, 6, 8 & 10  these are all diamonds that form stars when pieced together which in turn will give me 91.5 blocks with the 4 pointed star,  73.2 with the 5 pointed star,  61 with the 6 pointed star,  45.75 with the 8 pointed star and 36.6 with the 10 pointed star. Now the blocks would be small probably around 4-5" in size but only the 6 pointed star divide out nicely.

Then we have the dresden shapes which gives me 6, 12 & 16 depending on size, and once again you have 6 = 61 blocks, 12 = 30.5 blocks and 16 = 22.9 blocks. The size of these block widely vary between 6" to 16" blocks. So 23 x 16" blocks will create a large quilt around the 80" square.

I am going to have to made a decision very soon so I can start, what shape would you use? Is there a shape I have missed that you think would work better. Let me know, I would love to heard your thoughts.

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Saturday, January 4, 2020

Project Quilting Mystery Quilt Along Part 3

We have reached the last clue of Persimon Dreams Mystery Quilt Along. I have enjoyed this little Mystery Quilt Along. Sometimes a little project is good to do. In a week we have a quilt top ready for quilting. A lot of scrap fabric used but no where near making a dent in my scrap boxes.

All my blocks made up with the background fabric, ready to join together.

My threads have a shelf to sit on. It was great to find the wood grain fabric, it was left over from another project. I did have to join it, I think I have done a good job to make it look like one piece.
I have link my post with Persimon Dreams post, so pop over and check out everyone else's version.
Once I quilt it and finish it I have the perfect place to hang it. It is nearly time to change the projects hanging above the door.
If you have only just found the 2nd Annual Project Quilting Mystery Quilt Along click on the link above and you can collect Kim's clues and make your own version.
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Friday, January 3, 2020

My Word of the Year

 I have chosen a word of the year a few times but the last couple of years I haven't found the right word. I have seen a number of posts about this recently, and had thought I would not bother. What word to use is too hard a question for me.
Until today I had a couple of things that happened and after the first incident,where I walked pass my friend's house. I commented to her that maybe I need to choose the word focus as my word of the year.
I had time to think about it and and come to realized that maybe it could help as I have found myself being pulled between jobs and not sure which one is more important or that fact that maybe trying to do 2-3 jobs at once is not the way to go. If I focus on one job and completed by it, would I get more jobs done. Do you work on one thing at a time or are you like me working on a few things at one time.
So my word will be FOCUS for 2020. We will see what happens  to see if I can streamline things and stay focus on the jobs that need to be done. I have started.
I purchase a small diary for my workshops, previously I kept the details on the computer. That sounds good, but I found at times the computer wasn't on when I took the booking and then just wrote it on loose pieces of paper. You should of seen the used paper I throw out when I did a tidy up over the Christmas break.
Until Next Time
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Project Quilting Mystery Quilt Along Part 2

We have had a few more clues since the last time I posted about this Quilt Along. There's is some interesting blocks happening and there sizes don't make it easy to guess how they go together.
Then today we had the next clue which sees us start the finishing process. As I worked my way through the instructions the question Have you worked it out yet? Was running through my head. After the third block it came to me I think. I am not going to tell you but you may be able to see it in my final picture. Even now that I have some idea of what is going on, I am still wondering how it will go together.
Can you see it? It's pretty cool.
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Thursday, January 2, 2020

My 2020 Project Uninterrupted List

This is crazy. I just looked back on my 2019 post from January 2019 to see what was still on the list only to discover, there is still plenty of them waiting to be finished. I know there is new ones to be added to that list that I started during 2019.

This is most of my unfinished projects in one place. There is one missing in action and the ones waiting on quilting ain't here.

1. My Leaf Placemats Half of the first one completed. I have received some help on this project via doing the Fire Island Hosta workshop. I now feel I will be able to pick this one up and complete it during 2019. Not touched even though I got that help.

2. Forget Me Not Sew Along EPP hexagon quilt. Up to Step #9 which is about 3/4 through the top. No progress here.
.3 Bitty Blocks from the Quiltmaker blog. I did use some of these blocks in a new project but the rest is still in the box. I must use the rest up in something. I used the pinwheel block in a blog hop. So the pile is smaller.
4.and my Signature blocks from a swap are going together in 2020 in to one project.

5. My Pemberley Quilt. A block of the month started in 2016. No progress here.

6. The Shop's Octagon quilt was another block of the month program started in 2016. The blocks are done and I have started on the squares that fill in around the octagons. I need to work on the layout so I can start sewing them together. Some of the blocks.

7. My Tea Party Quilt. The blocks are completed and the sashing strips are cut, so I just need to sew everything together but I haven't touched it. This one I got out and took it with me on retreat but that is as far as I got.

8. En Provence Mystery Quilt 2016- Mine is a smaller version of the original and I think there is still a few parts to make up before I can sew the top together. Even choosing to do a smaller version has not help me to complete it before the next year's mystery is released.

9. My Christmas Reproduction Sampler Quilt. All the blocks are completed but no progress this year on it.
10. 2017 On Ringo Lake Mystery Quilt. I think there is a few blocks left to make before the top can go together, I did find some part blocks in the scrap pile. How they got there I am not sure.

11. Round We Go was a block of the month. I have completed 9 blocks so far but I have everything now, so I will have to do some more work on it.

12. A new design, not touched in 2019.
13. My American Honey quilt. All cut but I ohave only made 5 blocks so far.

14. My Mum's Poppy quilt which I have 4 blocks made but no heart to finish it with mum passing away in February 2019. 

15. My Folk Flower Quilt I started in Anna Maria Homer's workshop at Hettie's Patch. All the background blocks are completed ready for the reverse applique.

16. My Prismatic Star quilt is a top so it only needs quilting and binding.

17. My 2019 temperature quilt.

18. My Fractured Paintbox quilt is off being quilted so there will only be binding to do to finish it off.

19. My Abbie block one of how many I am not sure.
 20. My latest panel quilt ready for basting and quilting.

21. My black, white and raspberry quilt. It only needs the binding done.

22. A funky table runner that needs quilting and binding..

23. My Dragon quilt again it is at the binding stage.

24. My Ruler work quilt.

24. One block done from a sew along.

 I am glad some have been completed, but there is some still hanging around. The plan is to get working on the older ones during 2020 to get them off this list so maybe this list will have a new look in 2021. No list would be even better, but that's not happening as I am the queen of starting projects.
Until Next Time
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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

One Monthly Goal. January's Goal

A brand new year and I have a plan to finish some old UFOs on  my list. So here goes. I want to get these blocks in to a quilt top by the end of the month. There is 6 full blocks and 3 half blocks to go together. All English paper pieced, one of the reasons they become a long term project. Though they have been in this state for over 12 months.
I have the sashing strips cut, ready to cross cut and sew all the blocks together.
I have linked my post with Elm Street Quilts post, so pop over and check out what everyone is working on during January.
Until Next Time
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