Saturday, April 30, 2016

350 Block Project 2016 - April's Report

This month's total is 30 blocks.

It has been a slow month for stitching. There always seem to be something else that needed doing keeping me away from the sewing machine. I did manage some English Paper piecing and made 6 hexagons for a sample project.

When I did get to the machine I made my 4 Christmas sampler blocks but that took a whole afternoon, plus some.

23 little Four Patch block got made for the need to sew something. There might have to be a scrap project in the making so I can use these up.

Lastly 1 Scrap Dance Tango block A got made 4 more yet to be made.

So my total for the month stands at 34.
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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Time to finish a Project.

I haven't done a lot this month as other things have got in the way. I have 2 quilts waiting for binding to finish them off. So I selected the smaller one which is Quilt #4 from my Stash Bash Sewing Party Booklet available to purchase at Cynthia's Ark. The binding had been prepared earlier so I was ready to sew it on.

I love the quilting on it. Does it look familiar?

If you have seen Quilt #1 Catch Me if You Dare it should be familiar as it is the same pattern and thread.

Binding is on and I just need to turn it over and hand stitch it in place. Then it will be ready to hang on my stand at the Stitches and Craft Show next week with two of the others from the Stash Bash Sewing Party Booklet.

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

My Christmas Reproduction Sampler blocks.

I have been struggling this month with everything. I don't know why things have been hard to complete. I haven't had a lot of sewing or creating time so I have been struggling with what to write about in my blog post.
Today I did manage a little sewing time and I finished this month Christmas Sampler blocks. Looking through my previous posts I noticed I haven't done a single post on this project. I have mention it in passing in other posts and considering I have completed blocks 10-13. It was time to share my progress on my Christmas Sampler quilt. Here are the four blocks I have made this week.

Here is all the blocks I have made so far this year.  This project is a twelve month program and there is 35 blocks in the quilt plus a few extra blocks for a little bonus project at the end after quilt is completed.
Now I do have a few Christmas Reproduction Block of the month packages still available if you wish to join us. One of the benefits of starting now is when you get to the end of your 12 month May next year you will have some extra time to quilt and bind your quilt compare to us trying to do all that in December this year. Click over to Cynthia's Ark and click on the Blocks of the Month to purchase.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Straight Curve Experiment # 2- Straight Wonky Blocks

I am taken the next step in my messy with the mind straight but not straight piecing adventure. After the Curve Shell experiment last month I got thinking what else could I do with this. Quilt is now finished.

 Could I do this with blocks? Would the effect work over a small distance? I had some scraps left over so I cut a couple squares from the shell fabrics and strips from zigzag strip off cuts.  Let's play with an easy block so a framed block was the block that came to mind to try after I considered some other blocks. My mind always runs off ahead of me. This is what happened.

 I did cut the strips and lay the block out before sewing to get some idea what the block looked liked and I want to keep the block balanced.

Of course once I started piecing the brain was working with the other ideas that were popping in, so I had to cut some  more Collective fabrics to try those ideas. The way I am going there maybe a series of quilts from these experiments. I have been so taken with these ideas I have give this experiment a name. From now on I will refer to it as  The Straight Curve Experiment. Who know where this may go. We will see where I end up.

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Octagons and more Octagons

At Cynthia's Ark we are going to run the All Over the Octagon Fussy Cutting Fabric Club starting late May. It is a 12 month program and over the program you will receive 72 fat 1/8ths of fabric, the equivalent to 9 metres of fabric,13 different EPP shapes and associated templates and 1 design booklet.So each month you will receive 6 Fat 8's, 1 packet of EPP Shapes & template (1 bonus set in month 6).
The idea of this program is to give you a large variety of fabrics to fussy cut and to mix and match with different shapes and plainer more basic fabrics. We have not included the fabric for the joiner blocks as the final design layout is up to you. Remember you don't have to use every piece of fabric each month as you may want to save some pieces to use in other months. Some of my sample octagons at vary stages.

Plus when you join Cynthia's Ark All over the Octagon Club you will receive our Fussy Cutting Starter Pack free with your first month. Valued at over $35. With this bonus pack you will be able to start stitching straight away.
Each month is $36 plus postage on the first month only.  I look forward to you joining us in this club. Book your spot at Cynthia's Ark today. Limited spots available.
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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Some Quiet Time

Really! Quiet Time here! I don't think that is quite the correct term to use. Maybe quiet in the sense the sewing machine isn't being used so there is no noise, but there has been plenty of action here. Some I can share and some will have to wait but you won't have to wait too long.

I have been spending plenty of time organise fabrics for our new Block of the Month Pemberley. Here is the post if you have missed it. There is two version on offer the red one which is the one pictured and my version which will have blue borders instead of red ones and inner blue border will become red. Don't forget if you book your spot today you will receive our English Paper Piecing Starter which includes a Sue Daley glue pen, needles, thread and a Cynthia's Ark notepad free with your first month so you can start straight away. Visit Cynthia's Ark to book your spot. Plus we can ship overseas if you are interested and don't live in Australia, The postage may be a little more that is all.

I have been work on special project which I can't share yet but look out for the Art with Fabric Blog Hop starting on the 9th May for what I am up to on this one. I will be sewing on this one over the weekend finally after a false start that require me to re think what I was doing and start from scratch. I am much happier for it.

In among everything I did let myself do the next step on my Tea Party Quilt.  You may have recently seen my Tea Party Table Topper which is for a workshop planned in June.

This quilt is where the inspiration came from. I trimmed up all my blocks ready for the sashing strips to be added. I hope over the weekend I may complete this top, so it will be ready for quilting. Now I have my Pfaff back I am ready to do some quilting and catch up on my quilting pile.

There is lots more in the pipeline included another special weekend store event coming in May, new patterns and special offers. I'm sure there will be plenty of sewing to do especially on my neglected Project Uninterrupted Projects which have been put to one side for the month. You can join us in the Cynthia's Ark Project  Uninterrupted Facebook group and share what you are working on sewing wise.

Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

Friday, April 8, 2016

We will be running the Pemberley quilt as a Block of the Month.

It has be set we are going to run Pemberley as a Block of the Month starting in June. This will give me a chance to get everything ready and start mine. Yes I will be stitching along side you on this one. So you will be seeing blog, Facebook and Instagram posts on my progress. Also if I have enough join me on this sew along we may have some progress giveaways along the way.
This Block of the Month is $42 per month plus postage for 12 months.  You will receive fabric, pattern, papers and templates each month. Plus with your first month you will receive a pack of Sue Daley needles and thread to get you started for free.
This Block of the Month has needleturn applique, English Paper Piecing and some machine piecing.
Now I do have one twist for you. If you know me I have a preference to head toward blue colour ways, so when I placed my order for Era of Jane  I ordered the blue border fabric not the red. I like the blue a shade more. I will be using the blue border fabric instead of the red so my blue wavy border will become red and the 2 red borders will become blue in my quilt. A straight swap over. This means  you will have a choice of two  versions of the Pemberley Block of the Month. The original will be with the red borders like the picture  and Cynthia's(mine) version will be with the blue borders. Everything else will be the same.

To join up pop over to my website and buy the Block of the Month in your prefered colour way or in store. Note you will not be charged until June when I send out the first pack.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

2016 Finish Along #2

I found She Can Quilt post on their 2016 Finish Along too late to join in the first finish along for the year. So I promised myself when the second one started I would join in.

So I had a look at what was on my Project Uninterrupted list for 2016 and I have selected a few that I hope I can finish by the 30th June.
 1 - My Grand Illusion  quilt  tops the list as I just picked it up from being quilted. It just needs binding.

2 - Scrap Dance Mystery Quilt - it is in rows ready to be sewn together.

3 - Forget Me Not Sew Along - which is an English paper piecing project which is 3/4 together.
4 - My Allietare Mystery Quilt has it blocks made and I have started sewing them into rows.
This is the last photo I took but it gives you some idea what is going on.

5 - Lastly my trio of cat quilts that have been created from 2014 Aurifil Block of the Month. They just didn't work together for my liking. The top one pictured is quilted ready for binding. The second is pinned ready for quilting and the third one is ready for pinning. I couldn't find a picture.

This is all I am putting on my list for this one as I know I have a lot on my plate in the next few months.
 Here is the link to She Can Quilt blog if you want some more details.  You can see my progress here on my blog and on my Instagram account @cynthiasark

Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Wandering Camera Post #3

We had a trip to Sydney over the Easter long weekend along with a short cruise thrown in for Cotton Carnival 2016. So this had to be the focus of this month's post.
I happily snapped pictures as we went along including some odd ones taking in the shapes that they formed. I must be thinking possible quilt designs. Like this one.

Our first full day saw us take a stroll across the Sydney Harbour Bridge after a drive in and a train ride to the other side of the bridge so we could walk back towards our cruise ship the Carnival Spirit. Nice to see her there waiting for us.

What a great view from up there.

Then we were cruising for a few days. Not a lot of pictures as I was attending the Cotton Carnivale conference so some work involved. It was good though.
On our last day in Sydney staying with my Aunty & Uncle they took us to the Blue Mountains for the day to see the Three Sisters and the sites. We had a great time even though there were fog and low cloud so we were having trouble taking in the view.

But we did see these little statues along the walking trail. There was more.

So we headed off as the view wasn't coming out  and stopped in Blackheath for lunch and some shopping. I found a fabric shop to spend some money in and we cruised around a antique shop which I came out with an iron for my collection. The sewing machines they had were nice but there was no way of getting them home.
On the way home we stopped at the Three Sisters again to see if the fog had cleared. Finally we saw them.

  Now that is a view compared to the earlier photo but the place was packed compared to our morning visit with no view but it still had a special feel to it. Then we continue home to rest up for the trip home the next day.
This post is linked up with the Wandering Camera Linky party so pop over and have a look at what others have been up to since the last time we got together.
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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Blocks of the Month, Fabric and Thread Clubs

At Cynthia's Ark our Block of the Month's, Fabric and Thread Clubs are growing. Have you visited our website recently and seen we now have a section that holds these Clubs together for ease of locating them. Previously they were all of the place. Now they are at your fingertips.
Since I am here let me tell you about them.

At Cynthia’s Ark we have 4 Clubs on offer for you to join. Please feel free to ask questions if you have any or if you have a theme you would like to suggest, we would love to hear it.
Batik Fabric Club – In our Batik Fabric Club you receive a colour themed pack of hand dyed Batik Cotton fabric which contains 4 x 30 cm width of the fabric. Plus there will be a bonus surprise in your parcel in January, April, July and October. Each month is $30 plus postage.

Stashing Building Club – In our Stash Building Club you receive a themed packed of quilting fabric which contains 5 x 30 cm width of the fabric. Plus there will be a bonus surprise in your parcels in January, April, July and October. Each month is $38 plus postage. This is the perfect way to increase your stash, add variety to your stash or if you are only starting on your quilting journey to build a stash.

This is April's Selection from Leonie Bateman's Harrington range. Also I have a surprise planned for May and you are going to want April's pack once it is revealed. Join today so you will receive the surprise next month.

All Over The Octagon Fussy Cutting Fabric Club - It is a 10 month English paper piecing program with fabric, template and papers each month that make octagons when pieced together.   It is $38 per month plus postage for the first month only.  It is starting mid May 2016. With the first month you will receive a Cynthia's Ark Fussy Cutting Starter Pack for free. It includes a Sue Daley glue pen, needles, thread and a fussy cutting mirror. (Valued at $36.50) 

Cynthia’s Ark Batik Brights Thread Club – In our Batik Brights Thread club you receive 6 x 200m spools of specially selected Aurifil 40 wt sewing cotton which is perfect for all your machine piecing and quilting projects. As a bonus you receive a personalised storage case with your first month parcel. Each month is $39 plus postage. This Club only runs for 12 months.

 The Thread club has a set 12 month plan and you can start when you like.   The Batik Fabric Club and Stash Building Fabric club has no set time plan, they are both ongoing clubs, stay for as long as you like. If you choose to leave a club please email Cynthia’s Ark and giving me 1 month notice of cancellation. Our email is 

Look out for the post on the Pemberley Block of the Month starting in June if I have my way. 

Plus a new Stitchery Club for all those stitchery lovers out there. A few details to iron out still but it is looking great.
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Monday, April 4, 2016

Cruising Away Sale

Over at Cynthia's Ark I have a Cruising Away Sale on. There is lots of fabric are really good prices including precuts and panels that will be cruising out the door. Also the Kids Strip Quilt Kits and other kits are on special for this week.  When you place an order you will receive a free Fabric Lucky Dip ( Fabric is 30 cm x WOF in size) in your order.
While you are there check out our Block of the Month, Fabric and Thread Clubs we have on offer. They are a great way to build your stashes eg Stash Building Club and Batik Fabric, learn new techniques eg All Over the Octagon Fussy Cutting Fabric Club, make a large quilt with one of the Blocks of the Month Eg Coming soon Pemberley BOM, add some brightness to your quilting with our Batik Bright Thread Club. These are all aiming to help you in your patchwork/sewing journey. Take advantage of these great clubs.

Until Next Time
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