Sunday, January 31, 2021

350 Block Project 2021-January Report


We are at the start of a new year of reporting for the 350 Block Report 2021.

During January I made the following

12 diamonds for my Lakeshore Sunrise quilt which completed all my diamond blocks and 12 flying geese blocks. Pieced 8 sections together to complete my Lakeshore Sunrise top. Total 32.

8 blocks for my Glacier Star quilt 2 of ech colour.

 16 Blocks for our Summer Challenge

Some secret sewing was done for a total of 32. I will be reveal the projects later this week so I can only share a snapshot of one of the projects.

 This month total is 88

This years total is 88.

A great start to the year. this gives me a little cushion for the busy months when I can't sew as much.

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Keep Stitching


One Monthly Goal- January's Finish

 Our first challenge of the year is over.  How did I do? I have started a Stitching Diary for this year called My Stitching Snapshot. A way to encourage myself to do a few stitches every day and to prove to myself I am making progress.  I am hoping I can complete more goals that I set myself. Even if I don't, a few stitches every day is good for the soul.

I started the year off with an English Paper pieced project that I started back in 2019. You can see my goal setting post here.  One block is all I had to do.

Here it is. Yes it is missing the centre but I am leaving all the centres to the end because I am think I may make all the centres the same.

I have linked my post with Elm Street Quilts post so pop over and check out how everyone did and maybe you will join us in February.

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Saturday, January 30, 2021

My Stitching Snapshot #4

Here is my weekly round up of sewing in one place. You are welcome to join me stitching a little bit everyday. We will make good progress, well I hope we will.

Sunday's stitching involved finishing these flying geese units for my Lakeshore Sunrise.

Monday saw me do a few more half snowball blocks.

Tuesday was Australia Day, so I had a little extra time to cut fabric and sew two rows on a shop sample. Nice to sew something different.

Wednesday's sewing was a little bit of EPP bringing me closer to finishing this block off.
Thursday was a busy day, so I only managed a little sewing time to start these blocks, another shop sample in the making. I am hoping to have the two new shop samples ready for the Great International Craft Show starting on Thurday 4th February.
Friday's sewing saw me get my other 2 quarters made up and sewn together, leaving me one seam to do on Saturday.

Of course Saturday's stitching had to be be this one last seam. I also did some secret sewing too which I will share on Thursday on my Facebook page as part of the Great International Craft Show.
Until next time
Keep Stitching

Saturday, January 23, 2021

My Stitching Snapshot #3

This week hasn't been the ideal sewing week. I put my back out on Monday at my day job, which has made thing harder to do. Though on Sunday I finished these sections for my Glacier Star quilt. Glacier Star is our Quiltworx  Technique of the month program starting February.


Diamonds for my Lakeshore Sunrise quilt nearly finish on Tuesday, if I had stuffed a couple up they would have been completed. I have to unpick a couple as my pinning wasn't good enough.
Wednesday was a rest day due to a bad back.
Thursday's stitching was a bit of evening hand sewing toward completing my January goal of completing this Abbie block.

Friday was a big day, I fixed my diamonds I upicked and with sewing time in the afternoon and a session of Zoom Project Uninterrupted with the girls in the evening, I nearly completed my pie wedges for my Lakeshore Sunrise.

So you know what Saturday picture is going to be?  

Yes two quarters now completed. I am loving, how this one is turning out. Even as I cut the fabric I had a few doubts and in the end fabric was cut so I went with it. I didn't want to waste the fabric. Glad I held my nerve to sew it, to prove to myself I was right from the start.

Until Next Time
Keep Stitching Cynthia

Monday, January 18, 2021

Hearts on Fire Blog Hop

 The brief was to features hearts in a project but no red hearts allowed.  Thanks to Carol from Just Let Me Quilt for hosting this blog hop. She always has great ideas. Here is the schedule to follow along.

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I have a set of these Westalee Heart rulers I have been wanting to play with and no enough time so I thought I would make a little runner for myself. I spend a lot of time of stuff for other people but not for me.I thought I would send some hearts my way.

I kept it simply as I have been very busy. 

I spray basted my three layers together and used the lines on the fabric to set my template on.


The hearts are very effective. and a easy template to use.  I can see myself getting distracted by reading the sayings on this side. Wait there is more on the other side too.

I needed some funky binding for my project. 

In hindsight I could have made my runner slightly wider but my machine does fit and at least this way not wider enough for a cat to come and sit on it.
There is enough runner for my sewing essentials and my Summer project blocks to sit on and hopefully they will not find the floor as easy as sitting straight on the table.

 Make the rounds and have a look at what others have made featuring hearts.

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Sunday, January 17, 2021

My Stitching Snapshot #2


This week's stitching. It was a bit hit amd miss this week, but I think that will happen more times than I would like.

Sunday's night stitching saw me sew my ice cream cones together to finish half of my block. Now I have to make the rest of the ice cream cones for the other half.

Monday's evening stitching after a busy day preparing for Burra. Some English Paper piecing to relax with.

Tuesday's little bit of sewing. It was only a short session before our first Burra retreat started. With me teaching I had no time to sew myself on Wednesday and Thursday. Back in the shop on Friday had me putting everything I brought back away, so no sewing on Friday either.
Saturday did see me finally set my machine up and after lunch I got a session in.  I start my Glacier Star Sample.

I wonder what the next week of stitching will be.
Until Next Time 
Keep Stitching

Friday, January 15, 2021

Our Lakeshore Sunrise Retreat


We got to spend a few days up at Burra at Sew Delightful Quilting Retreat Cottages. Our project was Quiltworx Lakeshore Sunrise.
My quarter hanging on the design wall in the sewing cottage.

 There was eight of us, six  ladies doing the workshop and two of us to take care of them. It was a very enjoyable retreat set in the perfect setting with good company, great food, lots of laughter and of course sewing. The ladies did a great job on their quilts and I look forward to seeing them completed. It's amazing how different they look.

We didn't want to go home at the end, just a little longer would have been good.  We did remember to take a group picture and there was talk of doing another one in the near future.

Until Next Time
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Saturday, January 9, 2021

My Stitching Snapshot #1

 If you read My Stitching Resolution post from the end of the 2020, you know I want more sewing machine time this year. If you haven't it is here.  Anway one of the things I am going to do this year is try and stitch every day even if it is some hand work. Some day it's just not possible to get to the machine.

I am sharing my daily stitching over on Instagram which is shared on my Cynthia's Creating Ark Facebook page. In addition to that I thought I would share a round up  on my stitching with a bit more detail about once a week here. So I will share a weeks worth of pictures and the project details and maybe a few extra picture if I have taken them.

Tuesday's Sewing- Some English Paper piecing. It's been so long since I have done any.

Wednesday- No sewing was done but I did cut out Lucky Charms.

Monday's Sewing- I got out my One Monthly Goal project and started to piece some ice cream cones.

Thursday's Sewing- Half an hour on the machine for 10 more blocks.

Friday's sewing piecing the sections together for a quarter of Lakeshore Sunrise.

I am very happy how this is turning out.

Saturday's stitching involved ruler work a test sample for a workshop I am planning thats why you have the back view.
A close up view of two of the blocks.

Next week should be an interesting stitching week as I will be away in Burra teaching Lakeshore Sunrise at Sew Delightful.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching