Monday, November 7, 2016

What did I do with the centre of the Kool Kats panel I cut up?

 On Saturday I was asked what did I do with the centre piece I cut out of my Kool Kats panel for my Crazy Cat Quilt.

Remember I share a post on making my Crazy Cats quilt by cut up a panel and creating an original quilt last month.

In the end I had the centre part of the panel with some leftovers from the border strips. From these I create a Kool Cats table runner just perfect for the cat lovers out there. I dug into my stash for the backing fabric and leftover batting pieces which I often sew together to create larger pieces. Don't waste them I sew the larger piecing together for small quilts and if they are smaller than 10" square they go into my duster bag for dusting cloths. Lastly I found some blue binding leftover from another project to bind it with.

The panel is still available in my shop if you want to purchase one.

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