Friday, November 18, 2016

Sew It Together- Handmade -Lucky Sew Along #6

I am over trimming half square triangle units. There is a lot  of them in this quilt. Even trimming some, sewing some together in to sub blocks then back to trimming was getting to me. I sure it will be worth it.
My neat piles of trimmed HST units ready to be sewn into sub units. 
It is so easy for me to twist the order and sew them together wrong so what I do is make a block up correctly and I lay it under my extension table on my machine. Then way I can lay the next block over the top in the correct order.
 Here is a taste of what the blocks will look like when they are sewn together.
I am very happy how they are looking with the grey background rather than a white. I can't wait to see all the blocks together and than add the sashing to them.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching


CathyC said...

this will look stunning when finished :)

AlidaP said...

Beautiful block and really clever way to avoid making mistakes by twisting the HST! Thanks for sharing!!

JOY @ said...

Who knew half square triangles would make that square? Clever block.