Sunday, September 18, 2016

Under the Pressure Foot # 24

I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with a great bunch of ladies. Though there was a little work involved with me taking the shop, it also meant I had some serious sewing time.

The view out of the large windows where we were staying. That is the Port River. So we had plenty of wildlife around including dolphins, birds and people walking their dogs.
I always have great plan to finish more than I can but I would rather take more and then I have a few projects at hand for me to work on depending how I feel. There was only 1 must do project and it was to make up Diggles the Dragon (a Funky Friends Factory pattern which I stock) who has been on my To Do List for quite a while. Plus the need to do it this weekend was the fact I had a expert on hand to ask for advice if I get stuck and she was making another one so I can look at her finished one if needed.

It took me a quite a long time to complete it but I finished it, in fairness I did start from the very beginning with only the templates cut and fabric selected.
 The dragons made over the weekend plus a ring in. The dolphin is the group's mascot, she comes to all their retreats and is the sister to my shop dolphin.

The other project I worked on was my Victorian Fling quilt which I had made all the blocks and had cut the first border pieces. This is what I ended up with. A new quilt top ready for pinning and quilting.

The pattern for this one is the 30's Fling and you will find it on the Penny Rose Fabrics website, along with loads more free patterns to tempt you. When I popped over to grab the link for you I stopped and added a few more patterns to my collection. This one is going to hang in the shop as a sample of what you can make from one of their Stacker packs and a little extra fabric.

Plus don't forget The Road Home Row Along continues this week. Here is the schedule just in case you need it.
20-Sep Beaquilter
20-Sep Heleen Pinkster Quilt Design
20-Sep Rebecca Mae Designs

22-Sep Words & Stitches
22-Sep I CAN QUILT 2
22-Sep Any Pattern

Until Next Time
Keep Stitching


AlidaP said...

The dragon is so cute! And the quilt looks great too!! Thanks for sharing!!

Cynthia's Creating Ark said...

Thank you Alida. We were surprised how different each dragon came out considering we were all using the same pattern.

Lena Pugacheva said...

That's a wonderful dragon family (plus friend) you all made! Different fabric choices gave them different characters, but they are all very dragon-y)) Good job on the quilt top, too!