Friday, September 30, 2016

350 Block Project- September Report

This month's total is 30.
I have promised myself more sewing time this month. Some deadlines have been reached and that should leave me a little extra time for sewing.
What has been done.
There has been 30  hourglass blocks made.

The last star point on my Forget Me Not quilt. Then I completed   2  out of the 12 blocks in the next step for 3.

My Victoria Fling blocks have finally turned into a quilt top for a total 10.

Unfortunately no current picture of my Forget Me Not quilt and I have used last month's picture of my hourglass blocks as I haven't been able to get home to do this post. We have had a week of bad weather here in South Australia with no power, rain, gale force winds and storms, so no sewing and now I can't get home due to 2 rivers breaking their banks cutting the roads I need to get home. At least my husband got home.
This month's total is 43.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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