Friday, August 19, 2016

Mayhem Here.

What a week it has been here. It has been a crazy week. Since I put the question up about the retreat last Friday it has formed a life of it own. I can't believe how quick quilters have jumped in wanting to book their spots. I must admit I was a little worried about the fact it is 12 months away and maybe it was too far away but the venue want a deposit by the end of the month.  I had to put the package together rather quickly and get it out. A week later it is full.
So no sewing here but it didn't help that I got my finger caught at work and squash it a little. That has not help the situation. I just can't hold things together for hand piecing and during the week that is what I tend to do as there is not enough time to do machine work. I may not have made any sewing progress this week but I have been cut fabric even if it is a little slower than normal with a finger sticking up doing nothing. I have cut and packed this month's All Over the Octagon Fussy Cutting Club, the last of this month's Pemberley packs, fabric for a new Christmas design I have been working on and some fabric for the Australian Machine Quilting Festival that starts in Adelaide next Thursday.
This is one of the Octagon packs for this month.

It is all very busy and exciting and it doesn't look like slowing down when I look at the calendar for the next month with what is on. Hopefully I will see some of you at the Australian Machine Quilting Festival if not I will be should to share some picture from the event.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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