Sunday, August 7, 2016

August's Project Uninterrupted Session

Saturday was the first Saturday of the month which means it was Project Uninterrupted in store and we had a full house again this month. I may have to add another session during the month for the ones who can't get in on this session.
 I was busy with orders and cutting fabric so I was only able to join in just before lunch but as this is our Sit and Sew group everyone was well into their own projects. This month hand sewing was the thing mostly happening with a variety of projects been made including our Pemberley BOM, Patchwork of the Crosses, Pies and Tarts, some cute pincushions being made. So a mix of English Paper Piecing, applique and me working on my binding. Plus Mandy on her machine working on her Catch Me if you Dare Stash Bash Sewing Party quilt. I must find some time to work on next year's Stash Bash Sewing Party projects.

Also we have a few stitching along with us that can't make it the shop as part of our Project Uninterrupted Facebook group but they are with us in spirit working on their projects.
 I was thinking I may have to work out a way  to involve them more. Something to sleep on. Any suggestion would be great.
Until Next Time
 Keep Stitching

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