Saturday, July 18, 2015

Under the Pressure Foot #6

Welcome to the next instalment of Under the Pressure Foot. I am happy to say this week there has been something under the pressure foot. I have been making another lion from the Funky Friends Factory Larry the Lion pattern( pattern and kits are available Here.) I know I have a sample already but I did not sew it and I have been asked to run a workshop on him and for me to do that, I am more confident doing that if I have made the item first. Plus I want to see what he would look like in Penny Rose Civil War Miniatures fabrics and then if he turns out I will add that version to the kit list.
Larry is not a beginner's project but with some basic knowledge he is not too hard to make. There was a few tight spots to sew together and a couple thick spots where you need to go slow so you catch the head mane and ears, but I got there with a couple of puckers unfortunately. As long I don't end up with any holes because I slip off a seam. Now ready for stuffing.

I inserted the eyes I think next time I will measure and mark the spots before inserting the eyes and then I just had to finish his face off.  Do you like him made from the range? I know I do.

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