Saturday, July 5, 2014

Unfinished Projects #4

Not at lot of sewing has been happening here, at least not at the machine. I have managed a little hand piecing on my star quilt and consisting it is the Independence Day long weekend in the US, I thought I would share an update on my reworked star quilt. If you saw the last post on this quilt you will know the pattern and most of the fabric used in it has vanished. While looking for a triangle ruler I found a handful of offcuts from this project in the bottom on my project drawer in my filing cabinet but still where is the rest! I didn't find the right triangle ruler either; I have used it and not put it away. Damn it! You know I will find the pattern, fabric and the missing ruler after I didn’t need any of it, don’t you.
Maybe today I can get to the sewing machine as the sewing pile is growing. I may not have time to sew but when I have had a spare 5 minutes here and there I have been cutting for projects. It make me feel I am at least going the prep work done so when I have time at the sewing machine I am ready to sew.

Only one more row to sew on this quilt.  Maybe by the end of this coming week the top will be finished. Then it will be quilting time. Then I will have to think up a name for my new quilt. Any ideas on a name for this quilt? Please share any ideas.
Until next time
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