Saturday, March 15, 2014

Building Blocks Quilt- FMQ Along #7

This month block is rail fence blocks. A nice easy block to piece. With that done it is time for the marking and quilting of this month's first block Lines.
 I'm still having trouble with marking my blocks and seeing the lines to follow. So I have traced over my pattern for this block with a black Sharpie marker to make them stand out more. It was an improvement, I could now see the lines to trace them. Now I was ready to quilt, next time I should check my bobbin as I ran out part way through my block, another end to sew in.  At least my hands and machine seem to be working together better as I had no broken threads this time. My  lines got a little wobbly at stages but I enjoy the zig zag sections. My travel stitching is still a bit off, I need to practise that a bit more trying to stick to the previous line. After I finished the quilting and looked at the back I noticed I missed 1 stitch in the ditch line. I was going to leave it as I had travelled stitched through it but it had gaps. So I just went back to the machine and stitched it. Just need to sew in my threads. Here is my block.

 I will ask the question To stitch or not to stitch  the ditch line? Does it matter or not?  To me when I looked at the back it look uncompleted as I had stitched in the other ditch lines but there is plenty of quilting on this block so if I was using a busier background fabric it won't stand out as much so it might be ok to leave it. Share your thoughts with me in the comments section. I would love to know what others think  for future reference.
To see what other quilters have achieved follow this link. 

Until next time
Keep stitching

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