Sunday, February 2, 2014

Celtic Solstice #5

I did some more work on the Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice Quilt this weekend.You can still get this pattern on the Quiltville blog under the Celtic Solstice tab. I really want to finish the top so I sewed all the blocks I had completed together. Which gave me 5 complete rows. The top 4 rows are sewn together .

 Only 2 more rows to go but I need to make 7 more Block 2, all of the Block 1 are done.
Block 2
 The pinwheels are done, I just need to do some more of the other sub blocks.  We will see when I get time to do this. A few other sewing projects need some attention this week. I am starting to think having a plan for most of your sewing projects worked out, may lead to me doing more sewing this year. Last year was a bit light on completed projects or projects even started. I know it is only February and there is time to collapse in a screaming heap but so far it seem to be working. Lol. We will see how I'm travelling a few months down the track.
 Cheer me on to at least finish my Celtic Solstice Quilt.

To view other Celtic Solstice  mystery quilts click this link  
 and I will keep everyone updated with my progress .

Until next time keep stitching

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