Sunday, August 23, 2020

Pushing on! I'm nearly there,

 We had our last Paradise in Bloom workshop on Sunday. We are at the stage where our quilts are coming together.

My parts laid out ready to start the assembly part. This is the exciting part of our Quiltworx Technique of the month series.
This is where I got to by the end of our workshop date. This put me about half way through piecing the top. It's a real tease to see the top completed.

Two halves ready to be joined together. Nothing is going to stop me.
You have to love it when your seams match up this nicely.
There we go. The top is together. Well the piecing is done, there is a little bit of applique let to do on another day. Not enough hours in my day to start the applique today. I am happy to be at this stage after the work I have had to do this weekend.
I will take a better picture once I do the applique.
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Photos don't do these batik quilts justice, really looking forward to seeing this one hung up in the shop, it's really lovely. :)