Friday, June 5, 2020

Basting Time

There is so much happening here, most of it is boring and not worth telling you about. The behind the scenes running of a quilt shop is pretty mundane. I know you think I play with fabric and get to sew all day and that is fun, but in reality I don't get to do that as often as you may think. I have been trying to work on my schedule, so I can put some fun sewing time in to my day. 
It's come down to slipping in 30 minutes here and there when I can. The other day, I decided that I am swapped my business hat for my project hat and made some time to basted this quilt.

It's been sitting here since last year, ready for quilting. It uses Karen Styles     Meridian Stars range and believe or not it is a panel quilt. I have only added the last two borders. How cool is that! I have a Panel Magic workshop planned for July, with spots still available. Fingers crossed I can get this quilted before then. 

I have sprayed basted this quilt. I am often asked what I prefer to basted with. I alway tell them it all depends on the size.  A small project gets spray basted with 505 Spray and Fix basting spray,  but larger quilts I will pin baste.  This one is getting towards my limits for spray basting, but I got it done without sticking the quilt to myself. I know that would make a funny photo to share, a quilt spray basted to myself but then someone else would have to be there to witness the mess I can get myself into. Sorry that's not going to happen anytime soon.  

Now for the quilting, I need to pull out my Westalee Design rulers and see which ones I want to use. I have a few new ones I want to play with, so we will see soon which oned I use. 

Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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Mandy T said...

Great to see how you do this Cynthia, I was hoping to do one that size myself and your pictures help to see how to lay it all out.Thank you :)