Saturday, November 2, 2019

My Quiltworx Adventure

This year in store we ran the Quiltworx Vintage Rose Technique of the month program plus a couple of other workshops. This one is mine ready for it's binding.

With the success of these workshops I am taking up the challenge of becoming a Quiltworx certified instructor. I have done a number of projects and love their patterns. They speak to me. They allow me to create challenging projects that I may have thought in the past beyond my skills. I have discovered that Quiltworx patterns are well within my skill level. I want to share my knowledge and inspire others to try them out.

In 2020 we are running Paradise in Blooms plus we will be having other Quiltworx workshop to allow other learn the brilliance of Quiltworx patterns.
This Elizabeth's Paradise in  Blooms on loan to me to help promote the workshop.
Last weekend I ran my first Fractured Paintbox Workshop which went really well and it looks like I will be running it again soon for those who missed out this time.

Some snapshots of the ladies work from the workshop.

All the ladies blocks put together. Stay tuned for more of my Quiltworx Adventure as there is more workshops and projects in the pipeline including this one. All cut ready to sew. Love how this happens.

Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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