Sunday, August 18, 2019

What I have been Stitching

This year I have had trouble finding time to blog. Now it is really good that I am busy but I wish I could do a little more blogging.

So I thought I would pop in and just share what's been under my needle recently.
Two new panels have arrived in the shop this month. They are totally different, one for the reproduction lovers with Meridian Star by Karen Styles a panel and four bolts from the range.
With this panel I just  added an inner border and pieced a piano key border to go around it.

The second one is from In the Beginning Dragons range. Now in I had two panels to play with and 4 bolts from this range. So I was able to create a larger quilt perfect for another Dragon lover out there.
The other project that has been taking up my time is my Vintage Rose Quilt. We had the last workshop last week and we are all piecing our quilts together. So of us have borders still to go on but it is good to see good progress. I still have another 10 border blocks to make but at least the centre is together.
I am tempted to leave it just like this but since I have started on the border blocks I may as well continue. Don't want to waste the fabric I have cut up, do I?
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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