Sunday, February 11, 2018

A Full Weekend of Classes- Kate's Curved Ruler Table Runner Workshop

We have a full weekend here at Cynthia's Ark. A class on Saturday and Sunday, unfortunately due to the heat on Friday I did cancel Friday nights Summer School session and reschedule it for this coming Friday. In a way that was a good thing as originally when I planned the class schedule the Summer School Placemat class was to run after the Beginner's Class On Ruler Work Quilting, so those who wanted to play more with the ruler work could have a follow up class and actually work on a project.  Due to the extreme  heat a few weeks ago that class was cancelled and rescheduled for this weekend. It is Sunday class. So now everything is back in the right order. Spots  are still available for the Placemat workshop.

Now on Saturday we had Kate's Curved Ruler Table Runner workshop. A full day workshop on learning how to cut curves and then sew them correctly.
Kate's Class Sample.

Here are some progress shots of everyone's blocks being made.

Plus by the evening we had one table runner completed by Shelly who went home and finished her table runner.

You will find all our workshops listed under the Events/ Workshop tab here on my blog or sign up for my newsletter and you will receive it in your inbox when I release the schedule. Our classes are small due to the size of our Classroom so book early to secure your place. It also mean you get quality time with the teacher. All workshops are held in store at Mallala, unless stated elsewhere.
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