Monday, May 29, 2017

Victorian Lace Shop Sample

When I was at Cotton Carnivale back in March, we did a class with Michelle Yeo making a block of her Victorian Lace pattern which we all received a copy as part of the class. We also received enough fabric to make one block. Once I got home I finished my block and decided I needed to create something from this block as a shop sample for Michelle's pattern which I now carry in the shop.

So I decided on a table runner with 3 blocks and a couple of borders. I was tempted to make a quilt using 9 blocks​ and the block I made that was different would be the centre block. Then I raid the shop for some extra fabric for the two blocks and borders. I did have enough of 1 fabric to cut 6 more wedges from but I needed 12 to create a balanced look. The plan was to use a second fabric and alternate the 2 fabrics to help tie the three blocks together. That was my plan but when I was sew the blocks I seem to have forgotten to do that and I sewed 3 of the same in a row. Damn it! I hate unpicking stitches so this is what I am going to do so I didn't have to unpick and start again.

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Motherdragon's Musings said...

They are very pretty Cynthia.