Thursday, May 26, 2016

Testing the Scrap Crazy 6 Rulers

We had a testing day in the shop this week. All three of us had purchased the Crazy Scrap 6' Ruler set and had planned a day to play with them. We saw a number of samples made up and Kate had brought the book to go with it. Now that is a good idea to help you remember what you saw.

Kate runs A Quilters Odyssey and is thinking of creating a workshop around these rulers. So Kate,  Maureen and myself are playing with some ideas that have popped into our heads and testing the rulers for ease of use. We need to know any issues that may arise beforehand.

My choice of fabric was a little sample bundle I liked. Maybe a little more challenging as the fabric pieces are different sizes. So this was my first block.

Playing with the fabric and rulers is very interesting. There is many block possibilities that there is easily 4-5 quilt ideas forming. So watch out. In the end I made 4 blocks and sewed them together to create a larger block.  Then I make 3 more larger blocks. Throw in some sashing strips and look what I ended up with. This was me just playing. It's not in the book, so it is great stuff.

I have some more ideas on this block and I have cut some more fabric for another go at the same block so we will see how that turns out. Afterwards we can compare the two and see which way I like more. Also Kate will have 2 samples for her possible workshop to entice the students to do the workshop, not just one from me.
I can get these ruler sets in if anyone is interested. Tune for more about this soon
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