Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Scrap Dance Quilt Along #3

The 4th clue was released during the week, so out comes the Scrap Dance box with all my fabric and blocks pieced so far. This time I have 40 of these to make.

I had planned a big sewing marathon but I didn't quite work out that way. So much other stuff kept getting in the way. I had to do some block testing for a pattern the sizes needed double checking and a good thing I checked because 1 piece was  1/4 inch too small. While doing this I used the Scrap Dance blocks as leaders and enders so I could chain piece. The only problem I had was I was missing 1 half square triangle unit and as I made them in pairs- 2 squares together stitch either side of the diagonal line there should of been an even number but I was 1 short for my 40 blocks, so I made up 1 more pair. A good thing because I accidently cut the corner of one of the pair, so silly of me.  Note to oneself. Make sure you leave enough room on your mat to trim without cutting into something else.
By the end of the weekend I had all 40 done.

So I am ready for the next step. Wish I knew how  all this is going together.
By the way while laying out the rest of the blocks to take this photo look what I found. That's right the missing half square triangle unit.
Until Next Time
Keep stitching 

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