Thursday, June 5, 2014

Is it a Quillow or is it a Quilt Pillow?

Is it a Quillow or is it a Quilt Pillow? That is a question that has been on my mind this week as I had to make one for a customer. I have never made one before so I wasn't sure where to start. The internet is where all searches start these days if you don't know or need an answer look on the internet which I did and I found lots of patterns, but sometimes I like to have the real thing in my hands when I am making something new.
I was telling my quilting friends this exact point when Lisa offered to lend me one of hers that she had made and had in the car. So that day I brought it home with me and using it as a template as was able to complete the order. Now all I have to do is deliver it on the weekend to the customer at the Salisbury Craft & Hobby Fair, The Gardens Recreation Centre, Kings Rd Parafield Gardens South Australia. So if you are in the area pop in and say hello to me and enjoy lots of crafty goodness.  Here are some pictures of the Quillow/Quilt Pillow that I made. I still don't know what to call it.

Until Next Time Keep Stitching


PS In the top picture Yes that is one of the new fabric shelving units for the shop. So exciting to  see the shop furniture being made.

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