Monday, June 22, 2015

Our Trip on the Steam Ranger

On Sunday I took the day off from everything and my LSH (long suffering husband, so he tells me) and I took a day trip on the Steam Ranger from Mt Barker to Victor Harbor. When LSH booked the trip he made sure we had the steam engine pulling the train. He love steam trains. It was a long day but full of fun even if it was pretty cold up at Mt Barker. We were prepared knowing it was going to cold there and there was a good chance it would be cold and windy once we reached Victor Harbor.

Yes I did take my hand sewing with me but I could only stitch while we were stopped at the stations. These old trains tend to rock a bit much, so I was having trouble sewing on my line. Only a little bit got done.

There was plenty to look at as we rolled through the hills down to the coast. Lots of kangaroos, livestock, birds and more and the scenery was beautiful, maybe not as green as you would expect at this time of year. Rainfall has been very light for this time of year.

We stopped in Goolwa for 20 minutes and visited the local market and got to says hi to a few friends who would trading there. It was lovely sunny weather down there. Then back on the train for the rest of the trip.
Granite Island
The Bluff. Look how calm the water is.
We couldn't believe our luck when we arrived in Victor Harbor, the weather was perfect considering it is Winter. It was sunny and hardly a breeze compared to what we normally have down there at this time of the year. We had some lunch at one of the local hotels, did a little bit of shopping and had a good walk around and before we knew it, it was time to return to the train station for the journey back to Mt Barker.

It was after 6pm when we got back to the car to head home which is about one and half hours drive. So when we got home we were buggered but we had a great day out. I think we will have to plan a few more days out like this, do something we want to try or go somewhere we have never been before.
If you even get the chance do the trip it was great.
Until Next Time
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