Friday, November 15, 2019

New Fabric New Project

Two orders of fabric arrived this week. One on Thursday, the second one on Friday. Sometimes I have plans for it, like the large shipment of batik fabrics that arrived a couple of weeks ago are for our Quiltworx Technique of the Month series next year. The ladies who sign up will have first choice from that shipment and what is left will reach the shop shelves.
It was the second order that had me excited, as it was a new supplier. This was the first order to test the product and see what my customers thought. The fabric is Melba by Leesa Chandler. I must admit the fabric wowed me as soon as I unwrapped it. I could see Triangle Frenzy table runners with the border prints, the fussy cutting potential will them all in quilts and EPP projects, the mind was off racing.

Now when the brain does that, I sometimes get so lost in the ideas I don't do anything with the range for a shop sample. Though I can't do something for every range that comes in my door. Wish I could but I have to be realistic. Right! But this parcel came with a little pattern for a table runner, which I did not except. What a blessing. A big thank you to The Textile Pantry for their extra support. It benefit both of our businesses when you think about it.  So by the close of business on Friday I had the table runner made up ready for me to quilt it and finish it off.

I must say mine is slightly different than the one in the pattern picture. Why you ask? It was so I didn't waste 5" of fabric to get the right alignment. That way I have more to sell, that is my way of thinking and I am sticking to it.
Now I just have to decide what colour Glide thread I want to use to finish it off on Saturday afternoon. Which one would you select?

Until Next Time
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