Monday, February 6, 2017

New Block of the Month

We are 3/4 through our Pemberley Block of the month and it is time to start the work for our next one. Pemberley was the first BOM I have run and there has been some hiccups along the way, which  had me thinking I will never do this again. Now things have settled down I am revisiting the idea and I am thinking I need to be in more control. Set it up myself, select the pattern, calculate the yardage myself, plan the quilt in the right order to go out, make the quilt beforehand, etc.
So now I have some questions for you. If you could just answer these simple questions in the comments box below that would be great.  To show my appreciation that you took the time to answer my question, I will giveaway a little fabric bundle randomly on the 12th February to a lucky quilter.

1 Do you like participating BOM quilts?

2. If you were going to do a BOM what technique/s would you prefer?  (eg machine piecing, hand piecing, applique etc.)

3. Would you like a set colour palette? (eg Each month I tell you what fabric goes where or would you like a little freedom and I tell you, you can make this month's blocks from any of the fabrics in that month's pack.

4. Do you want to see the completed quilt first?

Thank you for your input
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching


Marjorie said...

I do like BOM's. I don't mind if it is hand, applique, or machined. I like to see the quilt. Main priority is the colour schemes though. Have to like the colours.

Carol Andrews said...

I really enjoy Block a Months; both doing and teaching. W hen I am doing one I do like to see the quilt first, unless it is a Mystery Quilt. I particularly enjoy doing one with a variety of blocks so when it is done my eyes keep moving over the flow of the pattern. I do enjoy a variety of blocks in a quilt with Samplers or ones that combine different blocks to make a pattern being particular favorited. I do enjoy combining priced blocks with paper pieced and appliqu├ęs blocks combined in one project. I usually like to see the quilt first in order to change color combinations to suit my preferences. When I teach I do make the sample quilt first to ensure that I like the finished project and ensure that there are no problems with my design or patterns.
Hope this helps answer your questions. Can't wait to see your Pemberly quilt when it's done.