Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Cotton Carnivale 2017

It have now finished and we all have headed home back to the real world. It was a blast. Who knew we were going to have so much fun? That we didn't want to leave. Could we have a couple more days? Do we really have to go home?

Unfortunately some good things have to come to the end eventually. The good news is we will do it again next year.
Here are some of the photos taken over the weekend of the fun and hard work we participated in. They were long days. Just some much hard work. lol.

There were orders placed for fabrics, new patterns and products.

A new quilt borrowed from the quilt library which is now hanging in the shop by the counter with pattern packs also available.

Two new Block of the Month programs will be released very soon.

Joanne (Tranquility Craft n Supplies) and I had some fun at the auction,  teaming up and scoring ourselves 2 lots. Once the lots have been split they will be heading our way.

Until Next Time 
Keep Stitching 

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