Sunday, April 27, 2014

Building Blocks Quilt - FMQ Along # 11

More gridlines in 4 different sizes. The Gridline blocks so far I have enjoyed. It has been 1 of the designs I have seen improvements and because of this I am enjoying doing these blocks. FMQ straight lines without the walking foot and just adjusting the stitch length to 0 is working for me. So here is my block done. My lines are a little wobbly. The smallest one was too small for my liking but I can see me doing an abstract version of them in a slightly larger size.

I have been wanting to do a larger project with my new FMQ skills as I know practise is the key so here is what I was quilting on Friday to practise my skills. A little wobbly in spots but I can see the improvement in doing a large project.

See what other quilters have been working on.
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