Thursday, January 2, 2014

Stars and more Stars

This is what I have been playing around with. Stars. I have used Inklingo  2 inch 60 degree diamond collection for this project and I have hand pieced these stars when I have a spare minute or two. I  always carry my little sewing bag with a hand piecing project in it when I go out just in case I need to fill a few minutes. It has had my Farmers wife blocks and hexagons in there this year and now it is full of printed diamonds. There is another lot of hexagons printed when I finish my stars. All these stars are from the same piece of fabric though they look different.

This is the fabric that all the above stars came from.  They are not as perfect as I would like but for a first attempt of these stars, I am happy. Once they are all mixed up in a quilt with more stars, will it really matter.  We will see what happens once I get to piecing it all together. Who knows what might happen I haven't decide if this is going to be a quilt, table runner, cushions or what.
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Until next time keep stitching

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