Friday, January 17, 2014

Building Blocks Quilt- 2014 Free Motion Quilt Along #2

This week we had our first free motion lesson with Leah Day. The challenge was to quilt Wiggly U shapes on our first four patch block. With plenty of tips off I went. As the pictures below shows I had some problems. Firstly I was having trouble seeing where I was quilting and secondly getting started once I stopped, when I got going it went a little bit smoother and stitches were more even.  You can't see the quilting very well on the front but on the back you can plainly see my troubles. At least by the time I got to the last quarter I can see some improvement and the free motion stitching in the ditch was much easier than I thought it was going to be. This is the first block so I can only hope to improve as we make our way through the lessons.

The block before quilting.

The back of my first block.

                                                        The front of my first block.

You can see how other quilters are going via this link.
Until next time keep stitching

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