Saturday, January 23, 2021

My Stitching Snapshot #3

This week hasn't been the ideal sewing week. I put my back out on Monday at my day job, which has made thing harder to do. Though on Sunday I finished these sections for my Glacier Star quilt. Glacier Star is our Quiltworx  Technique of the month program starting February.


Diamonds for my Lakeshore Sunrise quilt nearly finish on Tuesday, if I had stuffed a couple up they would have been completed. I have to unpick a couple as my pinning wasn't good enough.
Wednesday was a rest day due to a bad back.
Thursday's stitching was a bit of evening hand sewing toward completing my January goal of completing this Abbie block.

Friday was a big day, I fixed my diamonds I upicked and with sewing time in the afternoon and a session of Zoom Project Uninterrupted with the girls in the evening, I nearly completed my pie wedges for my Lakeshore Sunrise.

So you know what Saturday picture is going to be?  

Yes two quarters now completed. I am loving, how this one is turning out. Even as I cut the fabric I had a few doubts and in the end fabric was cut so I went with it. I didn't want to waste the fabric. Glad I held my nerve to sew it, to prove to myself I was right from the start.

Until Next Time
Keep Stitching Cynthia

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