Saturday, October 28, 2017

Is it Time for a To Do List Update

That is what I have been thinking over the last week. I should have a look at my master unfinished Project list and see how far I have progressed since the last update.

Well you should have seen my face when I looked! The look of disappointment would have been clear. I couldn't believe the lack of progress. What have I been doing over the last few months. It is clear I haven't been sewing too much and when I have it has not been on any of these projects.

Really! This is not very good on my part even with me participating in a couple of online finishing challenges I am going nowhere fast. I think I need a good talking to or my hand slapped every time I consider starting something new. Do you think that would help? Probably not.

So on my list only one project has been crossed off recently and at least 3 new ones have been started. Plus the 2 projects I found that won't on the list, that need to be added.

My Scrapdance Tango Table runner completed.

I have started work on a couple projects on the list in attempt to complete more off this list. 
There is a number of octagon blocks I hand pieced  that were going to be a larger project that now will be Christmas gifts. I can't says too much in case they read this post.

Plus I have a stack of small blocks for a Row Along quilt in my sight. I have started making Four patch blocks to go in between the rows as sashing.

So we will see what happens as there is one other project featuring the block below that needs to be finished in a week's time. At least to the top stage. I don't think I will be able to quilt it.

I better post this and head off to the sewing machine for an hour of sewing before today class, as that is all the sewing I will get today.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching 

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AlidaP said...

No hand slapping, no disappointment, please! :) I understand your feelings, but let's not get too hard on ourselves, as sewing is a creative process and sometimes we need to take it where it wants to go (or pause it all together). I look forward to see your future projects! Thanks for sharing!!