Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What is going on?

What is wrong with me? I can't believe it. Once again I am sewing away on the last section of the Wish Along BOM this time. I lay out the 4 sections ready to sew,  and then I spot it. I have sewn the last quarter together wrong. Out comes the seam ripper and I unpick it. I keep doing this, nearly finished and I stuff it up. This has been happening a lot lately. Why do I keep do this? Ok I'm the first one to admit I'm not perfect. It will happen from time to time, but at the moment it is happening every week and on all different projects. None of my current projects are technically challenging, so you would think I should be able to complete simply piecing without too much trouble. So in the end I just unpick the latest block stuff up and stopped for the day. Though I had only been at the machine under a hour and was hoping for a couple of blissful hours at the machine to complete some blocks for a couple of projects. Oh well maybe  I have a couple of screws loose in my head that need tightening before I sit down at the machine next time. LOL

See the mistakes simply twisted the pieces the wrong way when I sewed them together and yesterday's mistake was unpick before I could think to take  a unhappy snap of it. I did go back and fix it so it is now completed.
Until next time
Keep stitching

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