Friday, February 28, 2014

Building Blocks Quilt- 2014 Quilt Along #6

This week I decide to catch up on the last 2 quilting blocks- Circles and Wiggly Pasta. I shall start with the Circles. Guess what I don't like them! I can't believe the trouble I was having. More practise will be needed to master them. I just couldn't find the flow point so I was stopping and starting all the time creating some rough edges. On the upside I have learnt my machine doesn't like going backward and I still need to get my hands to move a little faster in time with the machine. Don't look too close I may redo this block at a later stage if I can't live with it.

Now for Wiggly Pasta, I found this an easier block to quilt and by the time I finished the wiggly pasta lines in the blocks, I could see myself using this design in future quilting. The border quilting was a little rougher I'm afraid. I got a little carried away and a little wayward but there was improvement as I went. My main trouble was not seeing my tracing clear enough to follow and my hands moving too slow so my stitches were really small and I snapped my thread a couple of times because of it. At least I know what I am doing wrong so I can work on it. Right.

Keep practising is the key I think. We can only get better, not worse I hope.
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