Thursday, April 1, 2021

One Monthly Goal- April's Goal

Now some would say March was a bust by not completing my goal. I am taking a different view on that, with the fact I did complete half of the blocks I set myself. Progress counts, and the job is now half the size it was at the beginning of March. That other half can wait for another time, though I may slip them in if time permits.
This month I think I want to do some quilting, after running a rulerwork workshop in March I want to do some more. I have this quilt to be quilted. I did start the quilting a couple of weeks ago but the aim is to finish the quilting. Binding would be a bonus but not likely with my load for April.

 I have linked my post to Elm Street Quilts goal setting post, so pop over and check out what everyone is working on.

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Kathy S. said...

This is a beautiful project! Good luck in completing your goal for April.