Monday, August 21, 2017

So Close but....

I planned to finish my Gypsy Wife quilt this weekend. Not a lot of sewing time so I knew I had to use my sewing time wisely.  I squeeze in a hour Friday before dinner and got three quarter through Section 6 which is the last section I had left but it is also the largest section.

As I had to take the shop to the Jubilee quilter on Saturday I thought about it but just wasn't able to get to it on Saturday night.

Sunday came and it was our Project Uninterrupted day(our sew and chat group) in store and I managed to complete it. So I thought. Pleased with the fact I only had to sew the sections together I laid the sections out in order to take a photo to share in the Project Uninterrupted facebook group and that is when I saw the mistake. I could of cried. I need to finish this project and move on to others urgently.
To look at this section on it own. There isn't a mistake but once you put section 6 and 7 together you can clearly the error.
Then it was like where the hell is the mistake I couldn't find it. I asked my husband if he could see it and we were not having any luck. Counting strips and checking the sequence at the top of the quilt compared to the bottom. We had to walk away in the end.

I did go back to it a while later as I was thinking of taking a photo and sending to my friend Maureen who is super good at spotting my mistakes but then I spotted it myself. It turns out I  made the mistake when I was sewing on Friday. I had missed a strip. How to fix it? There was only one way!  Use a seam ripper and and unsew all the section until I got to the mistake.

So now I have to resew this all back together.

Until Next Time
Keep Sewing

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AlidaP said...

I only see a beautiful piece, I don't see any mistake! Quilts to me are a learning opportunity and creative outlet, so as long as you are having fun and you are creating beautiful pieces, there are no mistakes in my opinion! :) Thanks for sharing!!