Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas.

What are you making for Christmas? I started my projects a few weeks ago. Once I found some suitable Christmas fabrics, some Christmas ornaments and sewing presents for my friends and then I had to make some cards to go with the hand made presents.
Hexagons cut ready to be sewn into Christmas gifts.
Cards are nearly finished just need to be sealed in and a few Merry Christmas stickers from Blue Edge Crafts.

 A close up so you can see where I stitched using a multi coloured metallic thread.
 These are easy to make and there is still some of this fabric (Christmas Ornaments) available in our web shop

What else to make?  I would love to make a tree skirt for a full size tree but with our cats it would be a recipe for disaster. I can see them climbing the tree and knock it over, breaking the ornaments or using them for cat toys. I think that would be too stressful to handle. I do have a ceramic tree with lights that I made so that might be the way to go and make a mini tree skirt.
I love to bake so I'm thinking of having a go at making gingerbread trees and stars with icing for a change as I normally do a cake of some sort. This way I can make them a few days in advance instead of the night before Christmas. I hope they will last til Christmas day.
Who knows what else might take my fancy? We still have a few weeks to go to Christmas so there is time to come up with some more interesting projects.
Until next time keep stitching

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