Friday, May 30, 2014

EQ Jump Start Sew Along # 2

This week's lesson sees us playing with the fabric library. I have added some of my own fabrics to the fabric library over the years but I have never downloaded from EQ though I have known they were there. Why I don't know? I suppose I have the fabric picked out when I start designing so I just use my scanned fabrics or just use fabric similar to what I have in mind. Also I wonder if the delay of those fabric being available in Australia factor in to that. When I design a quilt I want to start it as soon as possible so waiting for the fabrics to be available in quilt shops here, is too long a wait.
 The other thing in this lesson I haven't used and I can't believe I haven't played with it, is the spray can option. This one blew me away, why was I colouring patches in individually when I could colour them in with 2 clicks of the mouse. I know I like to change some of the patches to different colours but from now on if I am to change all the patches I will do it the easy way.
Also in this lesson we looked at printing templates and this is something I haven't done before either I always use the rotary cutting option. So now understanding what I can do with the template options I can see a new hand piecing project being created to satisfy my need for a portable project but for this block I still used the rotating cutting option.
Here is the link to EQ7 Blog to see what other have done with block 2.

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